ET-15000 User's Guide

ContentsET-15000 User's Guide. 13Product Basics .Using the Control Panel .Control Panel Buttons and Lights .Adjusting the Control Panel Position .The LCD Screen .Status Icon Information .Navigating the LCD Screen.Entering Characters on the LCD Screen .Viewing Animations .Changing LCD Screen Language.Selecting the Date and Time .Selecting Your Country or Region .Adjusting Control Panel Sounds .Preventing PC Connection via USB .Adjusting the Screen Brightness.Turning Off the Operation Time Out Setting .Product Parts Locations .Product Parts - Front .Product Parts - Inside .Product Parts - Back.Using Power Saving Settings .Changing the Sleep Timer Settings .Changing the Power Off Timer Settings .Epson Connect Solutions for Smartphones, Tablets, and More .Setting Up Epson Connect Services.Using Epson Email Print .Using the Epson iPrint Mobile App .Using Epson Remote Print .Using Epson Scan to 535363738393940

Setting Up Printing on a Chromebook .Using AirPrint .Android Printing Using the Epson Print Enabler .Using the Mopria Print Service .Using Fire OS Printing .Using Windows 10 Mobile Printing .Using Epson Print and Scan App with Windows Tablets .Voice-activated Printing .4141424243434444Wi-Fi or Wired Networking.Network Security Recommendations .Wi-Fi Infrastructure Mode Setup.Selecting Wireless Network Settings from the Control Panel .Wi-Fi Direct Mode Setup .Connecting to a Mobile Device .Enabling Wi-Fi Direct Mode (Simple AP) .Modifying the Wi-Fi Direct Network Name or Password .Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).Using WPS to Connect to a Network .Printing a Network Status Sheet.Printing a Network Connection Report .Network Connection Report Codes and Messages .Changing or Updating Network Connections .Accessing the Web Config Utility .Changing a USB Connection to a Wi-Fi Connection.Changing a Wi-Fi Connection to a Wired Network Connection.Connecting to a New Wi-Fi Router .Disabling Wi-Fi Features .46464748515153545757585961676768686969Loading Paper .Loading Paper in the Cassette .Loading Paper in the Paper Tray.Paper Loading Capacity .Double-sided Printing Capacity .Borderless Paper Type Compatibility .7171767982844

Compatible Epson Papers.Paper or Media Type Settings - Printing Software.Selecting the Paper Settings - Control Panel .Paper or Media Type Settings - Control Panel.Selecting the Default Paper Source Settings.Paper Source Settings Options .858787898990Placing Originals on the Product .Placing Originals on the Scanner Glass .Placing Originals in the Automatic Document Feeder .ADF Original Document Specifications.91919395Copying .Copying Documents or Photos.Copying ID Cards or Borderless Photos.Copying Options.97979899Printing from a Computer .Printing with Windows .Selecting Basic Print Settings - Windows .Paper Source Options - Windows .Print Quality Options - Windows .Multi-Page Printing Options - Windows.Selecting Double-sided Printing Settings - Windows .Double-sided Printing Options - Windows.Print Density Adjustments - Windows .Selecting Additional Layout and Print Options - Windows .Custom Color Correction Options - Windows.Image Options and Additional Settings - Windows.Header/Footer Settings - Windows .Selecting a Printing Preset - Windows.Selecting Extended Settings - Windows .Extended Settings - Windows .Printing Your Document or Photo - Windows.Locking Printer Settings - Windows .Locked Setting 5117118119120122

Selecting Default Print Settings - Windows. 123Changing the Language of the Printer Software Screens . 124Changing Automatic Update Options . 125Printing with the Built-in Epson Driver - Windows 10 S. 126Selecting Print Settings - Windows 10 S. 127Printing on a Mac . 130Selecting Basic Print Settings - Mac . 131Paper Source Options - Mac . 135Print Quality Options - Mac . 135Print Options - Ma