Forms Server Release 6iDeploying Forms Applications to the Web with Forms Server Release 6ifor Windows and UNIXJanuary 2000Part No. A73071-01This book contains the information you need to deploy Forms applications tothe Web using Forms Server Release 6i.

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ContentsSend Us Your Comments . xvPreface. xviiIntended Audience . xviiStructure. xviiRelated Documents. xxPart I1Introduction1. Internet Changes Everything .Improvements in Business.Improvements in the Underlying Technology .The Oracle Internet Platform .Forms Server .How This Guide Can Help .1-11-11-11-21-31-5Overview of Forms Server2. Server Architecture .Forms Server Components.Forms Applet .Forms Listener .2-12-22-32-42-4iii of Installation and Configuration . or Manual Configuration.Automatic Server Configuration.Manual Server Configuration.Sockets, HTTP, or HTTPS.Sockets.HTTP .HTTPS .Oracle JInitiator or AppletViewer .Oracle JInitiator.AppletViewer.Load Balancing.Oracle WebDB Listener .What’s Next .3-13-13-13-23-23-23-33-43-53-53-53-63-63-6Quick Start Configuration .44.5ivForms Runtime Engine. 2-4Forms Server in Action . 2-5Introduction.About Oracle Installer.Using Oracle Installer to Configure the Forms Server .Starting the Oracle Installer .Installing Forms Server.What Oracle Installer Does for You .Testing Your Configuration After the Install .Shortcut to the Web Form Tester .Running the Web Form Tester .Testing Other Forms on the Web Form Tester.Copying the URL.What’s Next .4-14-14-14-24-24-34-34-44-44-44-54-5

5Configuring the Forms tion.Configuring Your Web Server.Configuring the Forms Server .Customize Environment Variables.Customizing Environment Variables in NT .Customizing Environment Variables in UNIX.Modify Forms Server Startup Parameters on NT.Editing the Registry for an Existing Forms Server Service .Uninstalling and Reinstalling a Forms Server Service .Starting a Temporary Forms Server Instance .Description of Forms Server Startup Parameters .Port Parameter.Mode Parameter.Pool Parameter .Log Parameter .Customizing Configuration Files Generated by the Oracle Installer .formsweb.cfg.Parameters in the formsweb.cfg File.Default formsweb.cfg File.base.htm and basejini.htm .Parameters and variables in the base HTML file .Usage Notes .Default base.htm File.Default basejini.htm File .Additional Steps to Set Up the HTTPS Connection Mode.Customize HTTPS Environment Variables.Use Oracle Wallet Manager to Create Wallets and Request Certificates.Create a Wallet .Create a Certificate Request .Import the User Certificate .Set Auto Login to ON.What’s -215-225-235-23v

6Deploying Forms to the Web6. Guidelines.Guidelines for Designing Forms Applications.Create Your Own Template HTML Files.Create an HTML Application Menu.Use Oracle Designer with the Forms Server .Reduce Network Traffic .Avoid Unnecessary Graphics and Images.Select Standard Fonts.Deploying Icons and Images Used by Forms Server .Icons.