Table of ty InformationUnpackingFront Panel ControlsRear Panel ConnectionsMain Remote Control FunctionsInstallation and ConnectionsAudio ConnectionsVideo ConnectionsHDMI ConnectionsSCART A/V ConnectionsPower ConnectionsSpeaker SelectionSpeaker PlacementSystem ConfigurationFirst Turn OnUsing the On-Screen DisplaySystem SetupInput SetupSurround SetupNight Mode SettingsConfiguring the Surround Off(Stereo) ModesAutomated Speaker Setup Using EzSet/EQManual SetupSpeaker SetupDelay SettingsOutput Level AdjustmentOperationSurround Mode ChartBasic OperationSource Selection6-Channel Direct InputControls and Use of HeadphonesSurround Mode SelectionDigital Audio PlaybackDolby DigitalDTSPCM Audio PlaybackSelecting a Digital SourceDigital Bitstream IndicatorsSurround mode TypesSurround Mode Post ProcessingPCM Playback IndicationsSpeaker/Channel IndicatorsNight ModeTape RecordingOutput Level AdjustmentWith Source SignalsDim functionMemory backupSystem SetupFront Panel Display FadeTurn-On Volume LevelSemi-OSD SettingsFull-OSD Time Out AdjustmentDefault Surround ModeFull-OSD Background ColorTuner OperationBasic Tuner OperationStation SelectionPreset TuningRDS OperationRDS TuningRDS Display OptionsProgram Search (PTY)Programming the RemoteProgramming the Remote with Codes2 TABLE OF CONTENTS43Direct Code Entry43Auto Search Method43Code Readout44Macro Programming44Programmed Device Functions44Volume Punch-Through45Channel Control Punch-Through45Transport Control Punch-Through45Resetting the Remote Memory46 Function List48 Troubleshooting Guide48Processor Reset49 Technical Specifications50 Appendix - Settings WorksheetDeclaration of ConformityWe, Harman Consumer Group, Inc.2, route de Tours72500 Château-du-Loir,FRANCEdeclare in own responsibility, that the productdescribed in this owner’s manual is in compliancewith technical standards:EN 55013:2001 A1:2003EN 55020:2002 A1:2003EN 61000-3-2:2000EN 61000-3-3:1995 A1:2001EN 60065:2002Jurjen AmsterdamHarman Consumer Group, Inc.02/08Typographical ConventionsIn order to help you use this manual with the remote control, front-panel controls and rear-panelconnections, certain conventions have been used.EXAMPLE – (bold type) indicates a specific remote control or front-panel button, or rear-panelconnection jackEXAMPLE – (OCR type) indicates a message that is visible on the front-panel information display1 – (number in a square) indicates a specific front-panel control0 – (number in a circle) indicates a rear-panel connection0 – (number in an oval) indicates a button or indicator on the remoteThe appearance of the text or cursor for your receiver’s on-screen menus may vary slightly from theillustrations in this manual. Whether the text appears in all uppercase or upper- and lowercasecharacters, performance and operation remain the same.

Thank you for choosing Harman Kardon!With the purchase of a Harman Kardon AVR 155you are about to begin many years of listeningenjoyment. Designed to provide all the excitementand detail of movie soundtracks and every nuanceof musical selections, the AVR is truly a multichannel receiver for the new millennium. In addition tothe traditional 5.1 digital decoding modes such asDolby Digital and DTS, it offers the latest advancements in surround technology such as Dolby ProLogic II, the full suite of DTS modes, DTS Neo:6and the latest 5.1 channel versions of Harman'sown Logic 7 technology.The AVR has been engineered so that it is easyto take advantage of all the power of its digitaltechnology. On-screen menus, fully color codedconnection jacks and terminals make installationfast and simple. However, to obtain the maximum enjoyment from your new receiver, we urgeyou to read this manual. A few minutes spentlearning the functions of the various controls willenable you to take advantage of all the powerthe AVR is able to deliver.If you have any questions about this product, itsinstallation or its operation, please contact yourretailer or custom installer. They are your bestlocal sources of information.Description and FeaturesThe AVR 155 is among the most versatile andmultifeatured A/V receivers available, incorporating a wide range of listening options. In additionto Dolby Digital and DTS decoding for digitalsources, a broad choice of surround modes forMatrix surround-encoded or Stereo recordings areavailable for use with sources such as CD, VCR, TVbroadcasts and the AVR’s own FM/AM tuner.Along with Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTSNeo:6, DTS 96/24, Dolby 3 Stereo, 5 ChannelStereo and Hall and Theater modes, the AVR offersHarman International’s exclusive Logic 7 processin 5.1 versions to create a wider, more envelopingfield environment and more defined fly-overs andpans.Dolby Virtual Speaker is available to createenveloping sound fields from front left and rightspeakers, and the latest Dolby Headphonecircuitry creates an amazing sense of opennesswith headphones.In addition to providing a wide range of listeningoptions, the AVR is easy to configure so that itprovides the best results with your speakers andspecific listening-room environment.A Stereo-Direct mode bypasses the digital processor to preserve all of the subtleties of older analog,two-channel materials, while bass management,available in the surround and Stereo-Digitalmodes,improves your ability to tailor the sound tosuit your room acoustics or taste.The AVR 155 takes the “video” part of its nameseriously. Along with three HDMI inputs and two100MHz analog component video inputs, theAVR 155 provides A/V sync delay so that the lipsync errors – commonly seen when digital videoprocessing is used in a source, program or videodisplay – are eliminated. For the ultimate in flexibility, the AVR features connections for three videodevices, all with both composite and S-Videoinputs. Two additional audio inputs are available,and a total of four digital inputs and two outputsmake the AVR 155 capable of handling all thelatest digital audio sources.For compatibility with the latest HDTV videosources and progressive scan DVD players, theAVR also features wide-bandwidth, low-crosstalkcomponent video switching.Coax and optical digital outputs are available fordirect connection to digital recorders. A videorecording output and a color-coded six-channelinput make the AVR 155 virtually future-proof,with everything needed to accommodate tomorrow’s new formats right on board.An important addition to the AVR 155’s impressive list of features is EzSet/EQ , which automates the configuration process to make it quicker, easier and more precise. Using the specialmicrophone supplied with the unit, EzSet/EQtakes the guesswork out of entering speaker“size” and crossover information, delay times forall channels and output levels. In addition to theconfiguration settings, EzSet/EQ also includesroom equalization so that the signals sent toeach speaker are tailored to provide accuratesonic quality with your specific combination ofspeaker type, room size and other factors thatinfluence room acoustics. With EzSet/EQ, yoursystem is custom-configured in a few minuteswith accuracy that previously required expensiveand hard-to-use test equipment.In tandem with EzSet/EQ, the AVR 155 includes afull set of manual configuration settings for thosewho wish to custom-trim their system even further. A Triple Crossover bass management systemmakes it possible to enter different crossover settings for each speaker group.The AVR 155’s powerful amplifier uses traditionalHarman Kardon high-current design technologiesto meet the wide dynamic range of any programselection.n Dolby* Digital, Dolby Pro Logic* IIDecoding, and DTS .n Five channels of high-currentamplificationn Harman Kardon’s exclusive Logic 7 processing, along with a choice of DolbyVirtual Speaker processing for use whenonly two speakers are availablen Dolby Headphone to create spacious,open sound fields when using headphonesn Harman Kardon’s advanced EzSet/EQ automatically configures speaker settings and sets room equalization forquick, easy and accurate system setupn Three HDMI 1.3 and two assignablehigh-bandwidth analog componentinputs for compatibility with the latesthigh-definition video sourcesn Stereo-Direct Mode for Two-ChannelSources Bypasses DSP Processing toPreserve the Integrity of AnalogMaterialsn Stereo-Digital Mode for ProgrammableBass Management of Low FrequenciesBetween Main Speakers and Subwoofern Front panel analog A/V inputsn Front panel digital inputs for easy connection to portable digital devices andthe latest video game consolesn Input titling for all input sources (excepttuner)n Multiple digital inputs and outputsn On-screen menu and display systemwith choice of blue or black backgroundscreenn A/V Sync delay adjustable for each inputdelivers perfect lip sync with digitalprograms or video displaysn 6-Channel Direct Input for Use withFuture Audio Formatsn Extensive bass management options,including three separate crossovergroupingsn Main Remote with Internal CodesHarman Kardon invented the high-fidelity receivermore then fifty years ago. With state-of-the-artcircuitry and time-honored circuit designs, theAVR 155 is the perfect combination of the latestin digital audio technology, a quiet yet powerfulanalog amplifier in an elegant, easy-to-use package.INTRODUCTION 3ENGLISHIntroduction

Safety InformationImportant Safety InformationREAD THIS BEFORE OPERATINGYOUR UNITDo not install this equipment in a confined spacesuch as a case or similar – away from directsunlight, heat sources, vibration, dust, moisture,and/or cold. Avoid installing this unit where foreign object may fall onto this unit and/or this unitmay be exposed to liquid dripping or splashing.On the top of this unit, do not place:– Burning objects (i.e. candles), as they maycause fire, damage to this unit, and/or personalinjury.– Containers with liquid in them, as they may falland liquid may cause electrical shock to theuser and/or damage to this unit.Do not cover this unit with a newspaper, tablecloth, curtain, etc. in order not to obstruct heatradiation. If the temperature inside this unit rises,it may cause fire, damage to this unit, and/or personal injury.Install this unit near the AC outlet and where theAC power plug can be reached easily.This unit is not disconnected from the AC powersource as long as it is connected to the wall outlet, even if this unit itself is turned off. This state iscalled the standby mode. In this state, this unit isdesigned to consume a very small quantity ofpower.WARNING. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIREOR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THISAPPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.Verify Line Voltage Before UseYour AVR has been designed for use with220-230-Volt AC current. Connection to a linevoltage other than that for which it is intendedcan create a safety and fire hazard and may damage the unit. If you have any questions about thevoltage requirements for your specific model, orabout the line voltage in your area, contact yourdealer before plugging the unit into a wall outlet.Do Not Use Extension CordsTo avoid safety hazards, use only the power cordattached to your unit. We do not recommend thatextension cords be used with this product. As withall electrical devices, do not run power cordsunder rugs or carpets or place heavy objects onthem. Damaged power cords should be replacedimmediately by an authorized service depot with acord meeting factory specifications.Handle the AC Power Cord GentlyWhen disconnecting the power cord from an ACoutlet, always pull the plug, never pull the cord. Ifyou do not intend to use the unit for anyconsiderable length of time, disconnect the plugfrom the AC outlet.Do Not Open the CabinetThere are no user-serviceable components insidethis product. Opening the cabinet may present ashock hazard, and any modification to the product will void your guarantee. If water or any metalobject such as a paper clip, wire or a staple accidentally falls inside the unit, disconnect it fromthe AC power source immediately, and consult anauthorized service station.Installation Locationn To assure proper operation and to avoid thepotential for safety hazards, place the unit on afirm and level surface. When placing the uniton a shelf, be certain that the shelf and anymounting hardware can support the weight ofthe product.n Make certain that proper space is providedboth above and below the unit for ventilation.If this product will be installed in a cabinet orother enclosed area, make certain that there issufficient air movement within the cabinet.Under some circumstances a fan may berequired.n Do not place the unit directly on a carpetedsurface.n Avoid installation in extremely hot or coldlocations, or an area that is exposed to directsunlight or heating equipment.n Avoid moist or humid locations. n Do not obstruct the ventilation slots on thetop of the unit, or place objects directly overthem.n Due to the weight of the AVR 155 and the heatgenerated by the amplifiers, there is the remotepossibility that the rubber padding on thebottom of the unit’s feet may leave marks oncertain wood or veneer materials. Use cautionwhen placing the unit on soft woods or othermaterials that may be damaged by heat orheavy objects. Some surface finishes may beparticularly sensitive to absorbing such marksdue to a variety of factors beyondHarman Kardon's control, including the natureof the finish, cleaning materials used, andnormal heat and vibration caused by the use ofthe product, or other factors. We recommendthat caution be exercised in choosing an installation location for the component and in normal maintenance practices, as your warrantywill not cover this type of damage to furniture.CleaningWhen the unit gets dirty, wipe it with a clean,soft, dry cloth. If necessary, wipe it with a softcloth dampened with mild so