Like us on Facebook!Visit us online!Please Support our Advertisers!readers, lower ad rates.weeklyon Mondays!Fresh NewsBetterforreporting,Busy morePeople-Weeklyon Mondays! Issue No. 297 Nov. 5 gwww.tristategt.orgwww.alpinebank.comSAN MIGUEL COUNTY OPENS NEW BRIDAL VEIL TRAILNew route creates a safer environment for user groupsSpecial to the MirrorSAN MIGUEL COUNTY-San Miguel County is pleasedto announce the opening of the new Bridal VeilTrail for public use, in partnership with the Town ofTelluride. Located entirely on County property, thenew trail creates a safer environment for users byseparating hikers from those in motorized vehicles.The .45-mile, primitive trail was constructed byworkers hired by the Town of Telluride through theSouthwest Conservation Corps., and traverses rugged, natural terrain. Bridal Veil Trail will alleviatepressure on the existing east end trail system.Thanks to the cooperative effort of the two municipalities, the entire community benefits.“It's exciting to have the Bridal Veil Trail comingonline,” San Miguel CountyContinued pg 4www.smpa.comMHS MARCHING BAND TAKES 7TH IN STATEWITH PATRIOTIC RED, WHITE & BLUE The MHS Band leads the Fourth of July Parade throughDowntown this summer. Mirror file photo.www.montrosedowntown.comTrail signs will be installed along the new Bridal VeilTrail as soon as temperatures permit. Courtesy thisissueGail Marvel’sAnswering the Call Series!Mirror staff reportMONTROSE-They are 130 strong, with a historicdrum line and a patriotic show that has inspiredapplause across Colorado. When the MontroseHigh School Marching Band left town last Thursdayto head for the Colorado Bandmasters Associationquarter-finals, semi-finals and finals competition atthe United States Air Force Academy Nov. 2 and 3,the goal was not only to win points, but to winhearts. Still, the small town band has done both,earning their place as seventh in the state.The show is called “Pledges and Promises,” a patriotic theme that honors American veterans, andeveryone who supports what our nation stands for,MHS Band Director Josiah St. Peter said. “This issomething with meaning for our community,” hesaid.The Marching Band hasContinued pg 23Art Goodtimes’Up Bear Creek!City & CountyGovernment!Log Hill Neighbors speak atCultivation license transfer hearing!

The Montrose Mirror November 5, 2018Page 2ANSWERING THE CALL: PATROL OFFICER PETER VANDENHOEKBy Gail MarvelMONTROSE-Montrose Police Department(MPD) Patrol Officer Peter Vandenhoekmoved to Montrose in 1994 when he wassix years old. A homeschooler, Vandenhoek graduated from high school in 2005and enlisted in the Marines, where heserved four years’ active duty. Vandenhoek continues his military service in thereserves and attends monthly meetings inAurora. He said, “I have 11 or12 years leftin order to complete my 20 for retirement.”Vandenhoek saw a career in law enforcement as a way to continue to serve, “Thisis the place I love, and I wanted to serveMontrose. Being in law enforcementkeeps me from sitting behind a desk.”In 2015 the MPD sponsored Vandenhoekto attend the police academy, “I was anolder student and the hardest part wasjuggling family and the academy at thesame time.” Vandenhoek has been a patrol officer with MPD for three years.“There is always a possibility of moving upin the department, but at this point I reallyjust want to be good at my job.”Vandenhoek described the most stressfulpart of his job. “It’s dealing with domesticviolence and highly volatile situations thatoccur with citizens. There are just twopeople in a relationship and at the pointwhen we [PD] enter, we can become thetarget because they want to lash out. Theyredirect their anger to the third party. Wefrequently have domestic violence calls.”When considering the least enjoyableaspect of his job Vandenhoek said,“Paperwork. But I enjoy my job and I lovewhat I do.”Working with the community is important to Vandenhoek, “I volunteer at theWarrior Resource Center. I’m in theirshoes so I try to help Veterans in any waythat I can. Depending on the call volume, IMPD Patrol Officer Peter Vandenhoek. Courtesy photo.try to have Thursday morning coffee withthe Veterans. I held an active shootertraining for the employees at the resourcecenter a few weeks ago.” Vandenhoek wasa participant in the Homes for Our Troopsevent in which Veteran Steve Baskis, whowas blinded in an explosion in Baghdad in2008, received the keys to his new homein Montrose.The personality skillset that helpsVandenhoek in his job is his ability to talkto people, “When people are amped up, Ican calm them down. I have an empathyside of things and people realize I’m thereto help them as much as possible.”Vandenhoek has used CPR, but it was notsuccessful; “Unfortunately, he was too fargone and I wasn’t able to get him back.”During his off-duty time Vandenhoeklikes hiking, camping and rock collecting. Anovice prospector, Vandenhoek said, “Ibreak open rocks looking for gold. I’vefound some, but it doesn’t amount tomuch.” He laughed and said, “The processfor getting that much gold out of a rock isnot worth it but getting out of the valleyand up into the mountains is fun.” Theoutdoor activities are a Vandenhoek family affair, “I have my wife and three kids asecond-grader, a kindergartener, and ababy. My son is really into finding rocks.”In a message to the community Vandenhoek said, “Thank you for your support.It’s monumental to have you behind us. Ireally appreciate that.”Offering advice to citizens he said, “Wesee a lot of vehicle trespass, more of thatthan other crimes. It’s an easy crime ofopportunity. Keep your valuables out ofyour car and keep your doors locked. I dothat myself I have to practice what Ipreach.”All original content material is protected by copyright. No reprints without permission. Publisher: Caitlin Switzer, Weekly pre-share Circulation 11,000 Note: Opinion/Editorial letters & Commentary do not necessarily reflect the opinions ofMirror owners or contributors. We do welcome all points of view and encouragecontributions. irror.comWebmaster PJ Fagen

The Montrose Mirror November 5, 2018Page 3

The Montrose Mirror November 5, 2018Page 4SAN MIGUEL COUNTY OPENS NEW BRIDAL VEIL TRAIL FOR PUBLIC USEFrom pg 1BOCC Chair Kris Holstrom said. “It was agreat collaborative effort, and we appreciate partnering with the Town of Tellurideand especially the hard, physical labor oftrail building provided by the SouthwestConservation Corps.”Town of Telluride Program Director LanceMcDonald said that the new trail shortensthe distance for pedestrians by half. “Thegoal of the trail is to provide a safer andmore interesting route for pedestrians toreach the bottom of the falls,” he said. “Wehope that this will be the start of additionaltrails in the area.”The Bridal Veil Trail’s alignment was determined by both the County and the Town,San Miguel County Parks & Open SpaceDirector Janet Kask said. The Town of Telluride offered to pay the cost of the new trailand accompanying environmental studies; A map of San Miguel County’s new Bridal Veil Trail. Courtesy image.maintenance of the trail will be performedby San Miguel County.“The east end trail system is getting busier each year and the BOCC has expressed continued concern for the safety of user groupsin this area,” Kask said. “This new trail assists in separating the hikers from motorized vehicles.”Reach San Miguel County offices online or call 970-369-5469.

The Montrose Mirror November 5, 2018Page 5CITY TO CONSIDER FEES TO RELINQUISH STRAY CATS,NEW LIQUOR LICENSE FOR TOP NOTCH MOBILE FOODMirror staff reportMONTROSE-The Montrose City Councilwill hold a work session at 11 a.m. on Nov.5, and a regular meeting on Nov. 6 at 6p.m.WORK SESSIONCouncil will discuss proposed fee schedulerevisions, including those for the Montrose Municipal Animal Shelter, at the worksession of Nov. 5. Included in the changesare a repeal of the cable television permitfee of 2,000, and a new fee ( 10 forkittens, 20 for cats over one year of age)for those bringing stray cats to the municipal shelter.Also to be considered at the work sessionis a Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)grant for gray and black market marijuanaenforcement, and an amendment to thelease agreement with Tuxedo Corn, LLC.Items set for future meeting and worksession discussions include the renewal ofan electric franchise with Delta-MontroseElectric Association (DMEA), the supplemental budget, and a third quarter policedepartment report on Nov. 19.Mid-term evaluations of the City Manager and City Attorney, the oath of office forthe Police Chief and Assistant City Manager, and a third quarter budget review willbe Nov. 20.On Dec. 3 the City will conduct interviewsfor the Public Safety Citizens’ AdvisoryCommittee.On Dec. 4, the City will issue a proclamation in support of “International Day of theMigrant.”Official posting places will be designatedon Dec. 17; a “Save the Sculptures” funding discussion will take place Jan. 14.The City of Montrose will consider imposing a fee on citizens who bring stray cats, such asthat pictured above, to the Municipal Animal Shelter.As yet unscheduled are a discussion ofwork force housing and vaping.REGULAR MEETINGAt the regular Council meeting of Nov. 6,Council will issue proclamations in supportof Montrose High School’s State ChampionGolf Team, Neighborhood Watch, andHospice & Palliative Care Week.Council will consider appointing Jan Chastain to the City’s Planning Commission.Council will consider transfer of a Hoteland Restaurant liquor license at 1415Hawk Parkway from Twenty Four-SevenCorporation, d.b.a. The Stone House, to AllFor One LLC, d.b.a. the Stone House.Council will also consider a new Tavernliquor license at 207 N. Townsend Avenuefor Top Notch Mobile Food, d.b.a. TopNotch Mobile Food.Also to be considered will be the San Sophia West Subdivision Filing No. 2 FinalPlat, a request to final plat 17 lots and twosmall HOA areas.The property is zoned R-3 and locatedeast of the 64.50 Road-San Sophia Dr. intersection.Council will consider awarding a construction contract in the amount of 558,374.91 to Mountain Valley Contracting and a survey stakeout contract toDOWL in the amount of 22,500 on a timeand materials, not-to-exceed basis.Following staff reports, Council will adjourn.

The Montrose Mirror November 5, 2018Page 6REGIONAL NEWS BRIEFSOURAY COUNTY FIRST RESPONDERS STAGEEMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS DRILLSpecial to Art & SolRIDGWAY-On Saturday, Nov. 10, OurayCounty first responders and school districtpersonnel will be holding a full-scale,emergency response drill at the RidgwaySecondary School (1200 Green Street).This drill will focus on emergency responseto an eminent threat.The public should expect several emergency vehicles including law enforcement,fire, and emergency personnel in the areabetween 7:30am and 2:30pm.“This drill has been a year in the making,”said Ouray County Emergency ManagerGlenn Boyd. “It is a multi-jurisdictionaleffort and will serve to benefit not onlyOuray first responders but regional responders as well.Preparing for different types of imminentthreats and disasters helps to test our systems and processes, and will ultimatelyimprove our response.”First responders will be simulating a crisisresponse plan that includes emergencyresponse during a critical incident at localschools. The public will be prohibitedfrom accessing the school and surroundingarea during the drill. Media personnel willnot be allowed in the area of the drill orstaging areas but interviews with organizers will be available following the drill. Forquestions regarding the drill, please contact Jennifer Miller, Ouray Police Department PIO.The following agencies are participatingin the drill: Ouray County Emergency Man-agement, Ouray County Sheriff’s Office,Ridgway Marshal, Ridgway SecondarySchool, Ouray School District, Ouray PoliceDepartment, Ouray County EMS, Montrose Fire Protection District, St. Mary’sCareflight, Montrose Memorial Hospital,Colorado State Patrol, Ridgway State Park,Delta Ambulance, Norwood Ambulance,Ridgway Fire Department, Log Hill FireDepartment, Ouray Fire Department,American Red Cross, Ouray County Department Social Services, Ouray CountyFairgrounds, and Emergency Managementpersonnel from Gunnison County, SanMiguel County, Delta County, ColoradoDivision Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and the Southwest Incident Management Team.

The Montrose Mirror November 5, 2018Page 7BOCC APPROVES GRANT APP, RESOLUTION FOR TRAIL SIGNAGEUnanimously approved, ConsentAgenda items included authorization of an application to the Gray &Black Market Marijuana EnforcementGrant Programadministered bythe Colorado Department of LocalAffairs (DOLA). Theprogram reimburses local law enforcement andEcological Services Manager Justin Musser presented information todistrict attorneysthe Montrose BOCC at a special meeting Oct. 29.for actual expensBy Caitlin Switzeres related to the investigation and proseMONTROSE-With no members of the pub- cution of unlicensed marijuana cultivationlic in attendance and a limited agenda, the or distribution operations.special meeting of the Montrose Board of GENERAL BUSINESS & ADMINISTRATIVECounty Commissioners (BOCC) held onITEMSOct. 29 lasted just over six minutes, butAlso unanimously approved was Item Dcould result in an increase in public safety. 1, authorizing a Great Outdoors ColoradoAll Commissioners were present at the(GOCO) grant application to install trailspecial meeting.signs in the West End. The grant requires aCONSENT AGENDA25-percent match, which will be providedby the Telluride Foundation.Montrose County Ecological ServicesManager Justin Musser presented information on the grant application, which isbeing submitted on behalf of the TellurideFoundation and the