BEAT THEWONDERLICPERSONNELTESTThe Complete Guide to the WonderlicPersonnel Test (WPT-Q & WPT-R)

This is the definitive guide for the:Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest (WPT-Q)/Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Pre-Test-&Wonderlic Personnel Test – Revised (WPT-R)/Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test

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About Beat the WonderlicThe Wonderlic Tests have become some of the most widely used (and most feared)examinations administered in recent years. It is no secret that the world economy hasstruggled to regain its strength since the epic collapse of the housing market in 2008.Given the wounded economy, companies have had to scale back their hiring, makingthe hiring process riskier and costlier. Corporations that may have hired 3 or 4 newemployees are now only hiring 1.These corporations have turned to the suite of Wonderlic tests to help themdetermine which 1 candidate they should hire by paring down the applicant pool withcognitive and basic skills tests. Applicants who test poorly can have their applicationseasily, and (in the eyes of corporations) justifiably discarded. This is where Beat theWonderlic is here to help.We recognize that the Wonderlic tests do not test whether or not you are a “good fit”or qualified candidate for a given company – it simply tests how well you can take theWonderlic.Our staff has taken hundreds of Wonderlic tests, studied the ins and outs of the tests,stayed on top of all the latest trends, and has produced strategies that have helpedthousands of people drastically improve their scores in only hours.We guarantee that our in-depth and easy-to-follow review of content covered on thetests, in addition to our tried-and-true strategies and techniques will reap drastic andimmediate improvements in your scores, bringing you closer to landing your dreamjob.Thank you for choosing Beat the Wonderlic. We are eager to assist you in defeatingthe Wonderlic and reaching your career goals.Please reach out to us with questions, concerns, or to share your careeraccomplishments with us at [email protected] We would love to hearfrom you!

ContentsAbout Beat the Wonderlic . 4About the WPT . 11How to Know This Is the Right Test to Prepare for . 11What Is at Stake . 18What Is on the Test . 19How the Test Is Scored . 23Scoring Breakdown. 23So What Is a “Good” Score? . 24About the Test Environment . 27How This Book Will Help You . 28Our Approach . 28Our Promise. 29How You Should Use This Guide . 30Diagnostic Test . 32Questions . 33Answers . 49Beat the Wonderlic Strategy . 68Defeat Your Greatest Enemy: Time . 69Order of Difficulty . 71Elimination. 73Guessing . 74General Knowledge & Quick Recognition . 75Months . 76Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Memorization Makes It Easy . 77Practice Questions . 78

Answers & Explanations . 81Dates . 83Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Chunk It . 84Example Question . 85Practice Questions . 87Answers & Explanations . 89Finding Duplicates. 94Example Question . 96Practice Questions . 97Answers & Explanations . 101Patterns . 104Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Number Jumping . 105Example Question . 106Practice Questions . 107Answers & Explanations . 110Ordering . 112Skill Review – Ordering Decimals . 114Example Question . 115Practice Questions . 117Answers & Explanations . 119Graphs . 121Skill Review – Reading Line Graphs . 122Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 1 – Match Big & Small . 123Example Question . 124Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 2 – Compare Trajectories. 125Example Question . 126Practice Questions . 127Answers & Explanations . 130

General Knowledge & Quick Recognition Practice Quiz . 133Answers & Explanations . 137Logic . 141Deductive Reasoning . 142Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Deductive Reasoning Made Simple . 143Example Question . 144Practice Questions . 145Answers & Explanations . 148Spatial Reasoning . 151Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Eliminate and Then Eliminate Some More. . 153Example Question . 154Practice Questions . 156Answers & Explanations . 159Shape Patterns . 162Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Eliminate One Hand at a Time . 164Example Question . 165Practice Questions . 167Answers & Explanations . 1713D Shapes . 176Practice Questions . 178Answers & Explanations . 182Logic Questions Practice Quiz. 185Answers & Explanations . 191English Knowledge Questions . 196Similar/ Contradictory Word Meanings . 197Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 1 . 199Example Question . 200Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 2 . 201

Example Question . 202Practice Questions . 203Answers & Explanations . 205Antonyms . 207Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Decoding Antonyms . 209Example Question . 210Practice Questions . 212Answers & Explanations . 215Synonyms . 218Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Deducing Meaning. 220Example Question .