CHORDS, SCALES, ARPEGGIOS & PICKINGACOUSTIC GUITAR METHODCHORD BOOKby David HamburgerAcoustic Guitar Magazine Private LessonsString Letter PublishingDavid Hamburger’s supplementary chord book for theAcoustic Guitar Method is a must-have resource for guitarists who want to build their chord vocabulary! Startingwith a user-friendly explanation of what chords are andhow they are named, this book presents chords by key inall 12 keys, offering both open-position and closedposition voicings for each common chord type. Alsoincludes info on barre chords, using a capo and more.00695722. 5.95ADVANCEDSCALECONCEPTSAND LICKS FORGUITARby Jean Marc BelkadiMusicians InstituteMI instructor Jean MarcBelkadi reveals the secretsto creating interesting, overthe-top phrases. This book is the complete resourcefor applying pentatonic, harmonic minor, melodicminor, whole tone, and diminished scales. The CDincludes 99 full-band tracks.00695298 Book/CD Pack . 14.95ARPEGGIO FINDEREASY-TO-USE GUIDE TO OVER1,300 GUITAR ARPEGGIOSby Chad JohnsonHal Leonard Guitar MethodPlease see the Hal LeonardGuitar Method for complete description.00697351 9" x 12" Edition. 6.95ARPEGGIOSby Joe CharupakornCherry Lane MusicPlease see Guitar Reference Guides Series for acomplete description.02500125. 14.95ARPEGGIOS FOR GUITARPlease see the Guitar Technique Series for a complete description.00695044. 6.95ARTFULARPEGGIOSFOR GUITARREH ProLessonsby Don MockPlease see the REH Seriesfor a complete description.ALL CHORDS IN ALL POSITIONSby Muriel AndersonPlease see the Pocket Guide section for a completedescription.00695055. 7.95ALL SCALES IN ALL POSITIONSFOR GUITARA POCKET REFERENCE FOR CONSTRUCTING AND PLAYINGGUITAR SCALES ANYWHERE ON THE FINGERBOARDby Muriel Anderson and Jim ScottPlease see the Pocket Guide section for a completedescription.00695414. 6.95ALTERNATE TUNINGCHORD DICTIONARYA COMPLETE REFERENCE TOOVER 7,000 CHORDSby Chad JohnsonAn alternate tuning is createdwhen one or more strings ofthe guitar are tuned to notesthat differ from standard tuning. This book is designed tofamiliarize you with chord shapes while playing in someof the most common alternate tunings, such as: Open D,Open G, Open Gm, Open A, Open E, Open Em, Open C,Drop D, Double Drop D, Dsus4 and more. Includes infoon chord construction, and easy-to-read diagrams.00695676 . 19.95To order, call00695585 Book/CD Pack . 15.95BARRECHORDSAN EASY INTRODUCTIONTO MOVEABLE FRETBOARDSHAPESby Adam PerlmutterLearn to master any chordprogression, anywhere on theguitar! With just a few different chord shapes, you canstrum through hundreds of songs – from blues, to rock,to folk and beyond. Includes: famous progressions fromhit songs in all styles; notes & tab; barre chords inalternate tunings; and more. Learn riffs from artists suchas: James Brown, Eric Clapton, Nirvana, The Police,Soundgarden, The Who and others.00695746 Book/CD Pack . 14.95BARRE CHORDSby Troy StetinaPlease see the Pocket Guide section for a completedescription.00695329 Pocket Guide . 5.95A BEGINNER’SGUIDE TOCHORDPOSITIONSSIMPLE, CREATIVE WAYS TOMOVE UP THE NECKby Happy TraumHomespunFind chords in the upperreaches of the fingerboard,and learn the basic concepts of music theory for guitar.Starting with the easiest three-string movable chordpositions, Happy explains with very clear, simpleinstructions how to use them, combining them withother movable chords until you can play in anyposition and in any key. Moving on to four, five and sixstring (barre) movable chords, you’ll learn songs andchord progressions that will help you put your newlyacquired chord knowledge into practice. Two CDs Includes Chords Level 200641569 Two CDs . 24.95BEYOND POWERCHORDSTAKE YOUR GUITAR PLAYINGTO THE NEXT LEVELby Leo CavanaghArtistproMany guitar players arelimited in their knowledge ofchords. Once you get comfortable with barre chordsand the concepts taught in this book, however, thenumber of chords you can play will increase dramatically.Connecting chords in a variety of common progressions,Beyond Power Chords will give you the means to play alltypes of chords – major, minor, seventh and more – in allkeys, as well as build chords on your own. Also includedis an audio CD with well over 100 guitar examples,including 18 ways to play chords to the blues.00330920 Book/CD Pack . 19.95CHORDMASTERby Rikky RooksbyBackbeat BooksUnlike a traditional chorddictionary, Chord Mastertakes the time to discusseach of the chord types andpatterns a guitarist is likelyto come across. Includesover 1,000 chords and their variations, in easy-viewcolor “guitar neck” boxes; chords arranged by key, bytype, or by musical style; answers to all your chordqueries; sections for beginners, songwriters, andadvanced guitarists; chord secrets of famous songs; a20-track audio CD demonstrating chords and chordsequences in musical context; and more!00331119 Book/CD Pack . 24.951-800-637-2852 or visit www.musicdispatch.com15

16CHORDS, SCALES, ARPEGGIOS & PICKINGCHORDPROGRESSIONSFOR GUITAR101 PATTERNS FOR ALLSTYLES FROM FOLK TO FUNK!by Tom KolbMusicians Institute PressThis “private lesson” with MIinstructor Tom Kolb is aneasy-to-use guide to the mostessential chords, rhythms and strumming patterns for ahuge variety of musical styles: rock, blues, jazz, country,folk, R&B, funk, soul, Latin jazz, fusion, ska, reggae andgospel! Each musical example in the book isdemonstrated on the accompanying CD, backed by afull rhythm section.00695664 Book/CD Pack . 14.95THE CHORDSCALE GUIDEDISCOVER EXCITINGNEW CHORDS WITH LINEARHARMONIZATIONby Greg CooperCenterstream PublicationsThe Chord Scale Guide willopen up new voicings forchords and heighten yourawareness of linear harmonization. This will benefitjazz ensemble players, rock guitarists and songwriterslooking to create new and unique original music, andunderstand the harmony behind chords.00000324 . 15.95CHORDSby Joe CharupakornCherry Lane MusicPlease see Guitar Reference Guide series for a complete description.02500073. 14.95CHORDS FORKEYBOARD AND GUITARPaperback Songs SeriesThis convenient reference features a clear, concise, simple andvisual approach to keyboard andguitar chords. Includes over 800keyboard chord frames, over1000 guitar chord frames, and a helpful explanationon how chords are formed. Multiple voicings (withexplanations on when to use each) are given for eachchord. 4" x 6-3/4"00702009. 8.95To order, callCHORDS, STRUMS,AND SONGSby Dan Fox &Dick WeissmanG. SchirmerNo prior knowledge or musical training is necessary, forthis book teaches the beginning guitarist to select, holdand tune the guitar. Then thebook illustrates easy chords and simple strums tocreate accompaniments for folk songs, spirituals, bluesand other traditional favorites. The student will alsolearn the use of the flat pick, thumb and brush strokesand many of the basic major, minor and 7th chordscommonly used.50333910. 7.50CHORDISCA unique graphic guideshowing the chord positionsand fingering of 120 important chords in all keys.00699050. 5.95COLORYOURCHORDSCOP THE CHORDSTYLES OF THE ROCK GREATS!by Adam PerlmutterCherry Lane MusicHendrix-ize a C chord! VanHalen-ize a G chord! Coloryour chords like the mastersof rock guitar! With advice on fretting, voicing,technique, feel, and other topics, you’ll learn how tocop the chordal styles of: Chuck Berry, John Frusciante,Jimi Hendrix, James Hetfield, Dave Matthews, JimmyPage, Keith Richards, Pete Townshend, Eddie VanHalen, and Angus and Malcolm Young.02500589 Book/CD Pack . 12.95THE COMPLETEBOOK OFCHORDS,SCALES, ARPEGGIOSFOR THE GUITARby Al PolitanoCenterstream PublicationsEvery chord, scale andarpeggio is plotted out inevery practical position andwith some dedicated study, one could play all of themin every position and in all keys. Written with just aminimum amount of verbalization. Use this book forimprovisation, studying or playing exercises. This isthe best, most complete reference book you can buy.00000021. 8.95CRASH COURSE ONGUITAR ARPEGGIOSPlease see Crash Course series for a completedescription.00695812 Book/CD Pack . 9.95CREATIVECHORDSHAPESGUITARIST’S GUIDETO OPEN-STRINGCHORD FORMSby Jamie FindlayPrivate LessonsMusicians Institute PressThis book/CD pack lets guitarists explore the lush sounds of open-string chords.The CD includes 19 full-demo examples covering:arpeggiated progressions, arpeggiated chords andscalar lines, adding open strings to diatonic chords,and more.00695172 Book/CD Pack . 9.95AL DI MEOLA –A GUIDE TO CHORDS,SCALES &ARPEGGIOS21st Century PublicationsA guide to learning the basictools for becoming a goodplayer and musician. Includes Al’s own lesson plansystem, tunes, blues patterns,jazz chord exercises, playing and practicing tips, and acomplete guide to chords, scales and arpeggios.00604042. 14.95AL DI MEOLA’SPICKINGTECHNIQUES21st Century PublicationsAn insightful and helpfulbook written by Di Meola onhis own personal techniqueof guitar playing. Includesexercises and excerpts fromhis music, which act as astep-by-step guide to help the guitar student play better.00604044. 8.95THEDICTIONARYOF STRUMS& PICKINGPATTERNS FORGUITARby Fred SokolowOver 150 patterns andnearly 100 rhythmic grooveshelp you cover any musicalsituation. Styles are cross-referenced. The bookincludes tablature, music, and a recording of everypattern, plus tips on equipment and effects.00696513 Book/CD Pack . 14.951-800-637-2852 or visit

17CHORDS, SCALES, ARPEGGIOS & PICKINGTHEDIMINISHEDSCALE FORGUITARby Jean Marc BelkadiMusicians InstituteThe CD includes over 30tracks for demonstration andplay-along, and the topicscovered include: tonal andmodal usage; diminished triads, chromaticism,arpeggios, polytonalities, common licks and patternsfor jazz, rock, and fusion guitar; and more!00695227 Book/CD Pack . 9.95EXOTIC SCALES& LICKS FORELECTRICGUITAR16 TANTALIZING SCALES &80 GREAT WAYS TO USE THEMby Jean Marc BelkadiPrivate LessonsMusicians Institute PressExpand your lead lines andscalar vocabulary with a whole book packed full ofunusual scales and interesting ways to play them. Theaccompanying CD contains 80 demonstration tracks ofall the licks in the book. Scales include: Prometheus,enigmatic, Hebrew, Hungarian Gypsy, Hindu,Neapolitan Major, Neapolitan Minor, East Indian,Romanian, double harmonic minor, Persian, doubleaugmented, 8-Tone Spanish, Byzantine, overtone,harmonic major and more.00695860 Book/CD Pack . 14.95EXTENDED SCALEPLAYING FOR GUITARby Joe PumaThe sliding first finger technique presented in thisbook will give players a newand broader outlook on theguitar. This book explores avariety of scales – major,minor, half-tone/wholetone – and includes an introduction.00697237. 7.95DON’T FRET CHORD MAP created by Nicholas RavagniDue to the overwhelming success of the Don’t Fret Note Map , we’re pleased tonow offer the Don’t Fret Chord Map ! This unique finger positioning device is madeof cling vinyl, no fasteners or glues are required, and is easy to install. Designed byacclaimed young inventor Nicholas Ravagni for both electric and acoustic guitars, theDon’t Fret Chord Map shows the ten most commonly used first-position chords, andis color-coded to help make playing songs easy. The map is accompanied by musicinstruction and four simple songs that will help beginning guitarists learn to playquickly and easily. No previous musical experience is needed!00695670 . 9.95DON’T FRET NOTE MAP created by Nicholas RavagniIt’s never been easier to learn to play guitar! For beginners just starting out or experienced guitarists who want to learn to read music, the Don’t Fret Note Map will giveplayers the tools they need to locate notes on the guitar. This revolutionary fingerpositioning guide fits all electric and acoustic guitars with no adhesive or fasteners,shows the note names and locations all over the fretboard and uses a unique colorcoded method to make note-reading easy. The accompanying booklet includes fullinstructions and four easy songs to let players practice their new-found skills!00695587 . 12.95PUT IT ON & PLAY! CONTAINS THE DON’T FRET NOTE MAP & DON’T FRET CHORD MAP created by Nicholas RavagniThis specially priced package contains the revolutionary finger positioning guidesDon’t Fret Note Map and Don’t Fret Chord Map, created by Nicholas Ravagni. These“maps” fit electric and acoustic guitars without using adhesives or fasteners, showing note names all over the fretboard or the ten most commonly used first-positionchords using a unique color-coded method that makes music reading easy. Eachpack also includes music instruction and three simple songs that even beginners willbe able to play in no time! With this pack you get both guides for only 19.95!00695715 . 19.95DON’T FRET NOTE MAP