“eSuperSaver Scheme – Multi User”Terms and ConditionsThe terms and conditions of theScheme which explain the nature and scope of the relationship aredetailed hereunder. The terms and conditions aresubject to change from time to time. The terms andconditions also as published on the website shall be applicable.GeneralParticipation in the scheme is subject to these terms and conditions, which Air India may change fromtime to time without notice and shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the “User” of such termsand conditions as amended fromtime to time. Terms and conditions affect a “’User””.These must be read these before a “’User”” purchases the eSuperSaver Scheme – Multi User.Some of the clauses may be related to other clauses, and therefore no clause may be read inisolation including interpretation in conjunction with GENERAL CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE FORPASSENGERS AND BAGGAGEas also detailed on terms and conditions set out contractual relationship between Air India and the User.All travel shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions incorporated in or by reference to therespective tickets issued by Air India as the case may be and also the timetables/schedules ofAir India in effect at the time of travel.Air India reserves the right to terminate or change eSuperSaver Scheme – Multi User or any partthereof in any manner whatsoever at any time without notice.Brief of the SchemeIntroduction: eSuperSaver Scheme -Multi User is a promotional scheme to be booked by Individuals andvalid for travel on Air India domestic sectors in India.Under the scheme, an Online Booklet can be purchased for Business Class or Economy Class,with ten (10) eCoupons in two variants i.e. up to 750 kms and All Domestic Sectors.The Online Booklet eCoupons can thereafter be utilized for travel of passenger ( either for asingle passenger or different passengers ) . For example Ten coupons can be used for byindividuals for different passengers of their choice i.e. Passenger – A, Passenger – B , Passenger– C etc.Booklet Sale Period- Closed for Sale.Only redemption of booklets issued earlier permitted

-02 Redemption Commencement Date : 20th of March 2017All booklets which have been bought from 7th of March 2017 to 20th of March 2017 canbe redeemed from 20th of March 2017. The booklets have a travel validity up to 19thMarch 2018All booklets which have been bought from 21st of March 2017 to 30th of April 2017 havea travel validity of 365 days from the date of purchase.Ticket travel validity is the same as the Booklet validity. Ticket Bookings:Tickets under the scheme are to be booked7 or more days in advance.For e.g. If the passenger wants to undertake travel on 8th of July 2017 then the bookinghas to be undertaken on /before 1st of July 2017.Online booking is available for any flight, with a scheduled departure up to 330 days inthe future.Scheme Details: eSuperSaver Scheme – Multi User is available for sale through website onlyThe booklet comprises ofTen (10) eCoupon(s) in :Business Class ( All Inclusive Fare) For travel “Up to 750 kms” - Rs 80,000/ (Eighty Thousand Only) For travel “All Sectors”- Rs 1,50,000 ( Rupees One Lac Fifty Thousand Only)Economy Class ( All Inclusive Fare) For travel “Up to 750 kms” – Rs 40,000/ (Forty Thousand Only) For travel “All Sectors”- Rs 55,000 (Rupees Fifty Five Thousand Only).eSuperSaver Scheme – Multi User Booklet Fare is inclusive of all charges, levies and feesincluding Passenger Service Fee (WO), Service Tax (JN), Swacch Bharat Cess (F2), Krishi KalyanCess ( G1), User Development Fee (IN) , ADF (YM) and Regional Connectivity Fund (RCF).On the eSuperSaver Booklets sold on / before 30th of June 2017 the airline has already collectedService Tax at the time ofsale of Booklet from the User for onward remittance to Governmentof India. Additional Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not being levied as the Service Tax hasalready been paid.ITR for travel is being issued in consonance with the Original Sale of booklet.On all transactions of eSuperSaver i.e. Reissuance/Date Change, No Show, Refund Charges,Rollover charges being processed effective 1st of July 2017, GST would be applicable.GST is not applicable for journeys originating or terminating in an airport located in the state ofArunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura orBagdogra in West Bengal. The exemption therefore applies to/from the following airports:Dibrugarh, Guwahati, Jorhat, Lilabari, Silchar, Tezpur, Imphal, Shillong, Aizawl, Dimapur,Agartala, Bagdogra.

-03Salient Features: On purchase of eSuperSaver Scheme – Multi User Booklet, (10) eCoupons would be uploadedinto Online account of Purchaser, with 365 days travel validity.eCoupons of the Booklet purchased can be redeemed (exchanged) to an e-ticket usingREDEMPTION Options.One eCoupon would be valid for single sector only where there is no change in aircraft involved.For return travel two eCoupons would be redeemed. The domestic sectors operated by Air Indiaqualifying under the scheme are listed on the Home Page of eSuperSaver Scheme – Multi Useron Booklet as such is not a valid document for travel. The eCoupons of eSuperSaverBooklet are to be converted to an e-ticket using redemption option on the website.eSuperSaver Booklet --------------------------------- e-ticket(s)RedemptionThe channel of conversion of eSuperSaver Booklet eCoupons into e-ticket is only online accountand through Redemption Option on the website Open-dated tickets are notissuedStatus of eSuperSaver eCoupons once exchanged for an e-ticket status would be changed asTicketed on website (with records of the transaction when it was exchangedfor an e-ticket). Please Note: Coupon / e-ticket Balance remaining in passenger account, at anypoint of time, would be total of remaining unutilized eSuperSaver eCoupons plus the unusedetickets.Once eSuperSaver eCoupon has been exchanged for an e-ticket, the process is irreversible andthe same cannot be reinstated through a reverse transaction.A confirmatory mail would be sent to the e-mail id shared by the Purchaser of the Booklet andpassenger.e-ticket will be sent via email. Purchaser / Passenger to ensure that their email addresses isvalid before carrying out online redemption bookings. In the event of incorrect email id, theusers can view the PNR / Ticket Number on View Booking and based on the details can have theprintout from the nearest Air India Booking OfficeNo emailing of eSuperSaver eCoupon status is undertaken. eSuperSaver would be visible onyour online account through by accessing through password.e-ticket once issued can be modified for date change on the same sector of travel at an AirlineBooking Offices / Air India Call Centre.The unutilized eCoupons will remain in “My Booking Section” and can be utilized as and whenrequired within the validity limit.Eticket once issued cannot be exchanged with another name.Change in sector not permitted.Children & Infant Discount is not permitted.ITR would display pro rata value of the ticket as per Annexure A and Annexure B.Payment Options:The same can be purchased with: Valid Domestic (Indian) Credit Card(s) - MasterCard and Visa or Valid Indian Debit Card(s) - MasterCard or Visa or Maestro. Internet Banking (direct debit) via select valid Banks in India.

-04Extension of Validity: eCoupons to be utilized at least 7 days in advance before the Booklet expiry.The validity of the unutilised eSuperSaver Booklet cannot be extended.Effective 1st of July 2017, the validity of unused eSuperSaver – Multi User Coupons of partiallyutilized booklet can be extended only ONCE by 90 days beyond the validity/ expiry date at acharge of Rs 2500(Rupees Two Thousand and Five Hundred Only) plus applicable GST percoupon. The payment is to be made to nearest Air India Office. The copy of the Payment Invoicebe scanned and forwarded to [email protected] 12% GST applicable over the charge of Rs 2500/ for Business Class Coupons / Tickets.- 5% GST applicable over the charge of Rs 2500/ for Economy Class Coupons / Tickets. e-ticket (generated on redemption of eCoupon) can be extended only ONCE beyond the validity/expiry date by 90 days at a charge of Rs 2500 ( Rupees Two Thousand and Five Hundred Only)plus applicable GST) per sector. For extension you may please contact the nearest Air IndiaBooking Office or Air India Call Centre.-12% GST applicable over the charge of Rs 2500/ for Business Class Coupons / Tickets.5% GST applicable over the charge of Rs 2500/ for Economy Class Coupons / Tickets.Reservations: On confirmed basis, subject to availability of seats in the applicable booking class.Booking Class:Business Class - Reservation Booking Designator (RBD) - J.Economy Class - Reservation Booking Designator (RBD) – K In Business Class, there are multiple fare levels (4) in Business Class (High – C, D, J, Z. -- Low) .eSuperSaver Scheme, is applicable in RBD – J, which is in middle in the hierarchy of the farelevel.In Economy Class, there are multiple fare levels (14) in Economy Class (High -- Y, B, M, H, K,Q,V,W, G, L, U, T, S, E. -- Low) . eSuperSaver Scheme, is applicable in RBD – K, which is in middle inthe hierarchy of the fare level.Please do note that : Business rules of RBD- J and RBD - K in discounted scheme under eSuperSaver Scheme and theBusiness Rules applicable of RBD- J and RBD- K under the normal fares are distinct, separate andmutually exclusive. It has different cancellation penalties vis-à-vis the tickets being bought in thesame RBD under the market fare.The fare offered in the scheme is discounted. Air India reserves the right to change the RBD ofBooking Class, at any point of time.

-05LoungeBusiness Class – Applicable.Economy Class – Not Applicable.Free Baggage Allowance:Business Class – 35 kgsEconomy Class – 25 kgs.For journey on Alliance Air Flights, if applicable, (CRJ / ATR 42 A/C) FBA would be 15 kgs.Combination: Not combinable with any other promotion/discount/discounted fare/special fare.This fare also cannot be combined with any other fare to create one way, round trip, circle tripor open jaw fares.Restrictions: Non-Refundable / Non Endorsable / Non ReroutableRevalidation Booking Date Change now can only be effected 7 days beyond the date of issuance of ticket.Example If the passenger has issued ticket on 1st of July 2017 for travel on the 18th of July 2017,reissuance of ticket with date change can only be undertaken for a date on/after the 8th of July2017 i.e. Preponement to 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th or 7th July within seven day window isnot permitted. Change in the date of travel on the same sector can be undertaken, at a charge of Rs 2500(Rupees Two Thousand and Five Hundred Only) plus applicable GST per coupon.o 12% GST applicable over the charge of Rs 2500/ for Business Class Tickets.o 5% GST applicable over the charge of Rs 2500/ for Economy Class Tickets. This is subject to availability of the seats in the designated RBD – J and RBD- K. For reissuanceyou may please contact Air India City Booking Office (New Delhi / Mumbai / Chennai / Kolkata /Bengaluru / Hyderabad).No Show: e-tickets upon no-show i.e. less than one hour of departure or after departure of the bookedflight are Non- Refundable - Basic Fare would be forfeited.Exception When the passenger has already reported at the Airport and is no show, they can rollover / travel on the next available flight of Air India, on payment of charge of Rs 3000 /- (Rupees Three Thousand Only) for Business and Economy Class Tickets i.e. Plus 12% GST forBusiness Class Ticket or 5% GST forEconomy Class ticket. The validity of e-ticket would from the date of issue of the eSuperSaver Booklet.

-06Refund Rules Fully Unutilized eSuperSaver Booklet: Fully unutilized eSuperSaver Booklet can be refundedup to one year from the date of booklet validity /expiry at a charge of Rs 10000 /- (Rupees TenThousand Only plus applicable GST per booklet). This includes the expired booklets. For refundthe passenger may please contact [email protected] 12% GST applicable over the charge of Rs 10000/ for Business Class- 5% GST applicable over the charge of Rs 10000/ for Economy Class Partly Utilized Booklet: Partly utilized booklet / Unutilized e-tickets , the refund would beeffected with forfeiture of Basic Fare of the residual ecoupons / tickets. All others levies,surcharges, cess and taxes would be refunded. For refund the passenger may please [email protected] Downgrade: In the event of involuntary downgrading of aircraft from Business Class to Economy Class thepassenger would be paid the differential between Business class fare and the fare in RBD K ( asapplicable on date of travel).In case fare is not filed in RBD K, then the next higher filed fare in Economy class would betaken for calculating the differential, if any. For refund, please email [email protected] with supporting documents – PNR, Ticket Number andBoarding Card. Due checks would be undertaken for confirming downgrade prior to processingof refund.Discontinuation of sector : In the event of discontinuation of sector, the e-ticket can be reissued for another sector ofchoice, as per sectors qualifying under the respective scheme.The validity of revalidated / reissued e-ticket would be the same as per the original travelvalidity of the eSuperSaver Booklet for Ten (10) eCoupon(s).FFP Accruals: In Flying Returns, accrual would be as applicable to in RBD-J and RBD- K, respectively.Passenger in whose name the coupon is being used, if member of Frequent Flyer Programme ofany member Star Alliance carrier is also eligible for accrual of miles, as per the business rules ofthe respective programme, of which s(he) is a member. Accruals are applicable on me