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ENUINEMADEIN USAJETo order call: 1-877-89-TOOLSDear Fellow Woodworker,As summer comes to an end and thetemperature gets a little cooler it is time toSADhead back into the workshop and makesome incredible gifts for the up coming season.AGIndexRazor Tools is proud to feature the premium brandJesada router bits, and Jesada saw blades. Whether youare a new customer or a long-time Jesada customer, youwill be impressed with the performance of Jesada routerbits and its trademark white color and sharp mirror finish.IndexWe are offering 40% off circular saw blades! This isa great savings on quality products. Offer good untilSeptember 2007.Choose from over 1,000 product in our catalog includingsolid spiral bits, band saw blades, planer and jointerknives, circular saw blades, rosette cutters and muchmore.Check out the award winning Cut-N-Crown, which makesperfect crown molding every time! Visit our website or call 1-877-89-Tools withorders or any questions you may have on our product.Finally, our guarantee to you, our valued customer, isto make your tool buying experience with Razor Toolsboth convenient and pleasurable, while at the same timegiving excellent value on the finest tools available.Only our service exceeds our Quality!C.J. CunninghamPresident- Razor ToolsPlace your order anytime! Our order lines and web site are open 24 hours a day. Afterbusiness hours, orders may be placed with our automatedanswering system. If you have questions or need help withyour order, please call: Mon. - Fri. 9 am to 5 pm ET. Export orders are welcome! We'll ship anywhere on PlanetEarth for 10% of the order total (minimum 30.00) . Pleaseprovide telephone number and street address on all exportorders. 7.90 shipping charge on U.S. orders.Arched Door Templates.26Bandsaw Blades.30Bearings.27Bearing Kits.10,16Biscuits . .10Back Cutter.6Biscuit Joining Kit.10Bow Tie Bit.13Bowl & Tray Bits.20Box Joint Bit.8Brass Template Guide.27Bull Nose Bits.20Chamfer Bits.15Circular Saw Blades.3,4Cool Blocks.30Cove Bits.21Cut-N-Crown.25Dado & Planer Bits.20Doormakers Sets.26Dovetail Bits.12Leigh Jig.13Drawer Lock Bit.8Drop Leaf Table Sets.19Edge Beading Bits.20Entry & Passage Door Set.7Finger Joint Bit.9Finger Pull Bit.9Floating Lettering Bit.17Flush Trim Bits.16Flute & Bead Set.9Forstner Bits.28Glass Panel Door Bit.7Hand Rail Bit.24Incra Jig Bits.12Inlay Kit.13Joinery Set.11Lock Miter Bits.8Log Cutter Bit.18Keyhole Bits.20Kitchen Master Set.26Kitchen Sets.26Knife Setting Jigs .27Large Molding Bit.22Laser-Point Bits.17Leigh IsoLoc.5Lettering Bits.17Miniature Door Making Set.7Molding System.22Mortising Bits.17Multi Radius Bit.24Multiple Profile Bit.22Ogee Bits.22Ovolo Bits.23Pattern Bits.16Picture Frame Set.24Planer & Jointer Knives.29Plunge Ogee Bits.18Ply-Groove Bits.14Point Cutting Bits.17Queen Anne Bit.18Rabbeting Bits.15Radius Grooving Bits.17Rail & Stile Sets.7Raised Panel Bits.6Reverse Glue Joint Bit.8Rosette Cutter.28Round Nose Bits.21Roundover Bits.19Router Bit Survival Kit.27Seventeenth Century Set.24Siding Bead Bits.18Sign Making Kits.17Slot Cutter Set.11Slot Cutters.10Solid Carbide Straight Bits.13Spiral Bits.5Straight Bits.14Table Edge Bit.24Three-In-One Bit.18Thirteen Piece Set.25Traditional Bit.22Trimmer Bits.16Tongue & Groove Set.11Top Bearing Bits.17Top Bearing Kits . .16V-Groove Bits.17Window Sash Set.9Window Trim Bit.18Visit the Razor Tools websitewww.razorwoodworks.comRazor Tools, Inc.Easy to navigate, easy to order,and it’s always open! 2.00 Discount on all Internet Orders!2Copyright 2007, Razor Tools, Inc .10360 72nd Street North Suite 811 Largo, FL 33771 Toll-free order line: . . . . . 1-877-89-TOOLS E-Mail . . . . . . [email protected] FAX order line: . . . . . . . . . . 1-727-545-4007 Web Site.www.razorwoodworks.comAny reproduction in whole or in part prohibited.

Order online: razorwoodworks.comSaw BladesCircular Saw BladesThe best carbide tipped blade for every sawand almost any cutting taskNeed a new blade? You’re on the right page! We havecarbide-tipped blades for just about any tool or task youmight face, and our selection keeps growing!For example, there’s our hot new CGP2000 GeneralPurpose blade (item #110-440) with general purposeperformance that has the experts buzzing. Use this tool torip or crosscut hardwood, softwood or plywood with splinterfree performance and virtually no saw marks. Or checkout our new Multi-Purpose blades (#310-800 & 312-960).They’re ideal for any job requiring smooth cuts in melamine,thin-walled aluminum, other non-ferrous metals or plastic.Whatever our cutting needs, rest assured that we continueto put performance first, pure and simple. You may findcheaper blades on the market, but remember that real valueis a combination of performance and price. With that in mindyou’ll find that Jesada Blades are very hard to beat!Carbide tipped blades for your table saw or radial arm saw:Ripping bladesfeature teeth witha flat top grindand 20º hook forfast yet incrediblysmooth rips.Item Keep Guardsin place24 TEETHMAX. R P M 7 0 00 Wearsafety glassesKeep Guardsin place50 TEETH5/8" ARBOR#110-500MAX. R P M 7 0 0TypeWidthAngleSale40% OFF108-200Ripping8"205/8"B.125"20º 49.90 29.90110-240Ripping10"245/8"B.125"20º 59.90 39.90210-240Thin-kerf Rip 10"245/8"B.097"20º 67.90 40.90112-300Ripping12"301"B.125"20º 92.90 55.90Combination Blades:108-400Combination8"405/8"C.125"12º 63.90 38.90110-500Maxi-Combo 10"505/8"C.125"12º 76.90 46.90112-600Combination12"601"C.125"12º 109.90 65.90114-700Combination14"701"C.138"12º 129.90 77.900 10" CGP2000 General Purpose BladeWearsafety glassesKeep Guardsin place44 TEETH5/8" ARBORMade in Italy#110-440MAThe Ultra-Cut uses a 40º topbevel to slice theedges of the kerf.This produceschip-free cuts intwo-sided laminates.Size 10"Maxi-Combo BladeMade in ItalyGeneralPurpose bladesare designed forall types of rippingor cutoff work onyour radial or tablesaw.of Teeth5/8" ARBORMade in Italy#110-240Combinationblades utilizea combination of ATB andChamfered RakerTeeth for superbrips & crosscuts.DiamRipping Blades: 10"Precision Ripping BladeWearsafety glassesPrimaryBladeNo.ArborGrindKerfHookFunctionX. R P M 7 0 00General Purpose Blades for Radial Arm or Table Saw:110-440CGP 2000 10"405/8"A.125"18º 103.90 62.90110-600General Purpose10"805/8"F.104"5º 82.90 49.90Fine-Cutting laminate Blades: 10"Ultra-Cut BladeWearsafety glassesKeep Guardsin place80 TEETH5/8" ARBORMade in Italy108-600Ultra-Cut 8"605/8"D.125"5º 73.90 44.90110-800Ultra-Cut 10"805/8"D.125"5º 98.90 59.90112-960Ultra-Cut 12"961"D.125"5º 139.90 83.90#110-800MAX. R P M 7 0 00Multi-Purpose Blades for Melamine, Aluminum, Plastics & Non-Ferrous Our MultiPurpose bladesfeature teethwith a -5º hookfor incrediblysmooth cuts. 10" Melamine, AluminumPlastic & Non-Ferrous BladeWearsafety glassesKeep Guardsin place80 TEETH5/8" ARBORMade in Italy310-800Multi-Purpose10"805/8"G.126"-5º 91.90 55.90312-960Multi-Purpose12"961"G.130"-5º 139.90 83.90#310-800MAX. R P M 7000Key: A 20º ATBB FlatC 4/15ºATB 1 RakerD 40ºATBF 30º ATBG Triple Chip3

To order call: 1-877-89-TOOLSSaw BladesCarbide Tipped blades for your Miter Saw:Our 48-toothmiter blade features an ATB grindthat delivers fast,accurate crosscuts.ItemNo.PrimaryBladeArbor e40% OFFBlades for your Hitachi 8-1/2” and similar models:485/8"A.110"-5º 59.90 35.90185-600 Ultra-smooth Miters 8-1/2" 605/8"E.110"-5º 73.90 44.90185-048 Fast Miter Cuts Our Ultra-smoothMiter blades havea combinationof ATB & Rakerteeth that giveyou glass-smoothmiters. They’re idealfor compoundmiter saws as wellas conventional“chop” saws.Size 10"Ultra-Smooth Miter BladeWearsafety glassesKeep Guardsin place80 TEETH5/8" ARBOR8-1/2"Blades for your Delta, DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Ryobi or any 10” Miter SawMade in Italy#110-801MAX. R P M 7 0110-801 Ultra-smooth Miters 10"0080E5/8".110" 98.90 59.90-5º 129.90 77.90-5º 149.90 89.90-5ºBlades for your Delta, DeWalt, Makita, or any 12” Miter Saw112-901 Ultra-smooth Miters 12"80E1".110"Blades for your Ryobi, Makita, or any 14” Miter Saw114-100 Ultra-smooth Miters 14"Key to Grinding: A 20º ATB100E1".120"E 4/30ºATB 1 RakerCarbide Tipped blades for your Portable Circular saw:Our RippingBlades have 20ºATB teeth for fast,smooth cuts andanti-kickbackdesign for ale40% OFFRipping Blades: 8” - 8-1/4”Fine Cutting BladeWearsafety glassesKeep Guardsin place40 TEETHFine Cuttingcutting bladeshave 40 ATB teeththat make excellentcrosscuts in woodor plywoodNo.PrimaryArborKerfHookBladeGrind5/8" ARBOR107-024Ripping7”- 7-1/4"245/8"A.091"15º 28.90 16.90108-024Ripping8”- 8-1/4"245/8"A.098"15º 29.90 17.90Made in ItalyFine Cutting Blades:#108-040MAX. R P M 9 0 00107-040Fine7”- 7-1/4"405/8"A.091"15º 39.90 23.90108-040Fine8”- 8-1/4"405/8"A.098"15º 38.90 22.90Key to Grinding: A 20º ATBCountersinksWoody’s Classic Router Bit Key RingShow your love of woodworking with this unique product!NEWNever loose the keysto your workshop againwhile boldly proclaimingyou are a woodworkingcraftsman! Made tothe same exacting tolerances as a real router bit, thisClassical Router Bit Key Chain offers many great features.Be one of the first to carry this truly unique product!These tough countersinks will stand up tolots of hard work. Available in six differentdiameters, or save on a 4-piece 4Description1/4” Countersink5/16” Countersink3/8” Countersink1/2” Countersink5/8” Countersink3/4” CountersinkPrice 5.90 5.90 6.90 6.90 9.90 10.904 Exact Miniature Scale Replica4 Machined from High Speed Steel4 100% Chrome Coated4 No Sharp Edges4 Light Weight Design4 Small 1-3/4” Length Size4 Great for GiftsITEM # DMS1001 SALE: 9.90

Order online: razorwoodworks.comSolid Carbide Spiral BitsSpiral Straight BitsSeven-Bit Spiral SetsRemarkable performanceand durability!AICBdeal for furniture and cabinetshops, these double-flute bitsquickly slice through hard or softwood, plywood and compositessuch as MDF or particle board.Unlike straight-flute bits, some portion of the spiral bit's cutting edgeis continuously in contact with theworkpiece, producing smoother cutting action and smoother results.Upcut bits pull chips up and out ofthe kerf for faster cutting. This typeof bit is ideal for high-volume shops,but the workpiece must be securelyclamped in place to prevent lifting.Downcut bits don't clear chipsquite as quickly as the upcut bits,but their downward-spiralling actionactually helps hold the workpiecein place. The downcut bit is best forfinish work, as the upcut may leavea slightly fray