Version 3.0September 2013701P33170 Xerox D95/D110/D125/D136Copier/PrinterUser Guide

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Table of Contents1 Product Overview.1-1Machine Components.1-1Document Feeder.1-3User Interface (UI).1-3Power Source.1-5Power On.1-5Power Off.1-6Energy Saver.1-6Exiting the Energy Saver mode.1-7Print server overview.1-7Feeding and finishing devices.1-7High Capacity Feeder (HCF/Trays 6 and 7), 8.5 x 11 in./A4.1-8Oversized High Capacity Feeder (OHCF), 1 or 2 trays (Trays6/7).1-8Interface Module (D110/D125 configurations).1-9Interface (Cooling) Module (D136 configuration).1-9GBC AdvancedPunch .1-10Perfect Binder (D110/D125/D136 configurations).1-10High Capacity Stacker.1-12Standard Finisher.1-12Booklet Maker Finisher.1-13SquareFold Trimmer Module.1-13Standard Finisher Plus.1-14Third-Party Finishing Devices (D110/D125/D136configurations).1-142 Where to find help.2-1Customer documentation CD/DVD.2-1Print server customer documentation.2-1Help on the World Wide Web.2-13 Paper and other media.3-1Loading media in trays 1, 2, 3, and 4.3-1Loading paper in trays 1 and 2.3-2Loading paper in trays 3 and 4.3-3Loading tab stock in trays 3 and 4.3-4Loading pre-drilled stock in trays 1, 2, 3, and 4.3-4Loading transparencies in trays 1-4.3-5Loading media in optional feeding devices.3-6Xerox D95/D110/D125/D136 Copier/PrinterUser Guidei

Table of ContentsLoading post-process media in optional finishing devices.3-6Loading tab stock with the GBC AdvancedPunch.3-64 Copy.4-1Basic copy using the document feeder.4-1Basic copy using the document glass.4-2Selecting copy options for a DFA finishing device.4-3Copy tab.4-4Reduce/Enlarge.4-4Paper Supply Screen.4-42-Sided Copying (Making 2-Sided Copies).4-5Copy Output.4-5Image Shift.4-5Original Type.4-5Lighten/Darken.4-6Image Quality.4-6Original Type.4-6Image Options.4-6Background Suppression.4-7Layout Adjustment.4-7Book Copying.4-72-Sided Book Copying.4-8Original Size.4-8Edge Erase .4-8Image Shift.4-9Image Rotation .4-9Invert Image (Mirror Image/Negative Image).4-10Original Orientation.4-10Repeat Image.4-10Output Format.4-11Booklet Creation.4-11Perfect Binding (optional).4-12Selecting the Perfect Binding options.4-13Covers.4-15Page 18Secure Watermark.4-18Tab Margin Shift.4-19Face Up/Down Output.4-19iiUser Guide

Table of ContentsIdentification Card Copying.4-20Folding.4-20Transparency Options.4-20Job Assembly tab.4-21Build Job.4-21Build Job Options.4-22Sample Job.4-23Combine Original Sets.4-23Form Overlay.4-24Delete Outside/Delete Inside.4-24Stored Programming.4-255 Scan.5-1Simple Scanning.5-1Simple Scan Procedure.5-1Loading Documents.5-1Selecting Document Features.5-1Starting the Scan Job.5-2Saving the Scanned Data.5-2Cancelling a Scan Job.5-3Preview Scanned Images of a Job.5-3Stopping the Scan Job.5-3Scan Settings.5-3Scan al Orientation.5-5Original Size .5-5E-mail.5-5Addres