RICOH Error Code List:Ricoh error codes are generally categorized into 9 categories. Each category starts with aunique number starting from 1 to9. A brief description is given below:(a). 1xx Series (Scanning Related Problems)CODESC 101SC107SC120SC121SC 122SC 123SC 124SC 125SC 126SC 127Sc 128SC 129SC 130SC 131SC 142SC 143SC 144SC 150SC 170SC 171SC 173SC 174SC 181SC 183SC 184SC 191SC 192SC 193SC 194SC 195SC 196SC 197SC 198SC 199POSSIBLE CAUSEExporsure Lamp errorScanner Lamp Regulator MalfunctionScanner Home position ErrorScanner home position error 2Scanner home position error 3Scanner home position error 4Scanner Motor encoder signal errorScanner motor speed error1Scanner motor speed error2Scanner motor encoder rotating direction errorScanner motor start errorScanner motor speed control errorSBU defective error/ Scanner start abnormalF-Gate Asserted during shadingWhite level detection errorSBU Auto adjust errorSBU Connection errorScanner ROM MismatchScanner DA1 Abnormal/Video processingScanner DA2 abnormalScanner Lamp regulator adjustment errorScanner DA2 abnormalCIS Lamp abnormalCIS auto adjustment errorCIS Transmission errorBar Code Scanning errorAutomated SBU adjustment error/Bar code number is differentImage Transfer ErrorSBU White level detectionDF Gate Assert errorDF Gate Negate errorDF Gate ErrorMemory card errorDF Scanning finish error

Troubleshooting Tips:SC101:Exposure Lamp error: Exposure Lamp defective Check exposure lamp connections and the stabilizer board. Dirty scanner mirror or scanner mirror out of positions. SBU board defectiveSC143:SBU white/black level correction error: Exposure lamp defected. Dirty white plate. BICU Board defectiveSC198:Memory address error: The firmware program of the engine and the controller do no match. Controller Board defective(b) 2XX Series For Laser Unit ProblemsCODEPOSSIBLE CAUSESC201Polygon MotorSC220Laser Sync DetectSC221Scan length detectionSC240LD Power Supply ExcessiveSC260HP SensorSC261HP Sensor not turning offLine position ErrorSC285In some models (AF 2015 etc) 2xx error series does not exist.

CODE(c) 3xx and 4xx Series Image Development Problems.POSSIBLE CAUSESC320Polygonal mirror motorSC322Laser synchronizationSC324LD Drive current overSC325Magnification CorrectionSC328LD Unit Home Position Error2SC330LD Unit no initial settingSC343Yellow Sleeve Motor LockSC344Magenta Sleeve Motor LockSC364Hard Disk DriveSC365Image Storage Address ErrorSC366Hard Disk Bad Sector MaximumSC371Yellow TD Sensor Detection ErrorSC372Cyan sensor Detection ErrorSC373Magenta TD Sensor Detection ErrorSC401Transfer Output AbnormalSC402Transfer Roller LeakSC403Transfer Belt Position SensorSC405Transfer Belt Position AbnormalSC420Cleaning Motor LockSC430Quenching LampSC440Main Motor LockSC441Development Motor LockSC457Image Transfer Belt Cleaning Unit Position ErrorSC460Thermistor1 TemperatureSC461SC490Thermistor2Toner Supply Motor LeakExhaust Fan Motor LockMain Fan abnormalTransfer Bias Paper Attraction Roller Bias LeakTroubleshooting Tips:SC302:Charge Roller Current leakage Clean the machine well. Charge roller damaged. Poor connection of the PCUSC392:Toner density sensor initial setting is not performed correctly. No developer Developing roller does not turn. Development roller coupling gear is not correctly attached. Poor connection of PCU

ID sensor defectiveSC402: Transfer roller lead error 2 High voltage supply board defective Transfer/Separation unit set incorrectly Transfer roller damaged(d) 5xx Series For Paper Feed and Fusing ProblemsCODEPOSSIBLE CAUSESC500Main motor/transport motor lock/Fusing motor errorSC501Drawer 1 lift motor malfunctionSC5022nd or 1st tray lift motor malfunctionSC503Drawer3(or 2nd) lift motor errorSC504Drawer 4 or 3rd lift motor malfunctionSC505LCC Tray malfunctionSC506Paper tray motor lockSC507LCT main/feed motor lockSC508Rear fence drive motorSC509Drawer 3 LCT right fence errorSC510LCT lower limit errorSC511LCC motor lockSC515Drawer left guide drive motor error, Tandem rear fence motor errorSC516Drawer 1 side guide motor errorSC520Paper tray error/Duplexer jogger drive motor errorSC521Duplexer jogger driver motor error 2SC522Duplex-Side fence jogger HP errorSC524Duplex-End fence jogger HP errorSC530Bypass feed motor lock/fusing fan motor errorSC531Fuser/Duplexer reversing motor errorSC541Fuser thermistor open/ Hot Roller thermistor openSC542Fuser Temperature warm-up errorSC543Fuser overheat error1SC544Hot roller fusing lamp lower limit temperature detectedSC545Fuser lamp overheat error 2SC546Fuser ready temperature malfunctionSC547Zero cross signal malfunction/ Fusing temperature does not increaseSC548Fusing installation errorSC550Fusing web endSC551Pressure roller thermistor openSC552Pressure roller warm up errorSC553Pressure roller overheatSC554Pressure roller low temperature abnormal

SC555Pressure roller ready temperature abnormalSC557Pressure roller temperature does not increaseSC558Zero cross signal abnormalSC590Exhaust/Fusing fan motor error/used toner collection motor errorSC591Toner supply motor errorSC592Toner bank motor errorSC599Copy exit tray motor lockTroubleshooting Tips:SC500:Too much load on the drive mechanism Some gears or other rotating parting has been jammed. Developing unit is over toned. Main motor or its driving board is defective.*Before replacing motors or sensors, first check the mechanical load.SC 541:Fusing thermistor open: Machine is plugged into low line voltage. Fixing thermistor is defective or out of position. Some loose connection Power Supply board defectiveSC590:Left exhaust fan motor error Loose connection of the exhaust fan motor. Too much dust in the fan causing too much load on the motor driver.(e) 6XX: Communication errorsCODEPOSSIBLE CAUSESC600Communication Error Between Main Control and Operation Panel BoardsSC634Key/ Card Counter Device ErrorSC636Communication Error Between BICU & Paper Feed Control PWASC696Communication Error Between Engine Boad and FinisherTroubleshooting Tips:SC621:ADF connection error An incorrect ADF is installed on the machines.*The connector of the ADF is removed while the machine is in the energy save mode.(f) 7XX: Peripherals ProblemsCODEPOSSIBLE CAUSESC700RADF Original Pickup MalfunctionSC702RADF Feed Motor LockSC703RADF Transport Motor LockSC704RADF Original Exit Motor LockSC705RADF Bottom Plate Motor

SC721Sorter Bin MotorSC722Finisher/Sorter Jogger MotorSC727Finisher Stapler Rotation errorSC728Finisher paper stack height errorSC733Finisher Lower Tray lift MotorSC760ADF Gate AbnormalSC770Display Editor AbnormalTroubleshooting Tips:SC700:ADF pickup problem Home sensor is defective ADF board or pickup roller mechanism is defective.SC733:Finisher lower tray lift motor stack height sensor or lower tray limit sensor may cause this problem(g) 8XX: Controller ErrorsCODEPOSSIBLE CAUSESC800Startup Without Video output EndSC804Startup Without Video Input EndSC818Watchdog Error, Software MalfunctionSC819Kernel Mismatch, Download Firmware againSC820Self Diagnostic Error,Download Firmware againSC855Wireless LAN card problem detectedSC857USB Interface Error DetectedSC868Incorrect Data is detected in the SD cardSC870Address Book Data stored on the hard disk was abnormalTroubleshooting Tips:SC 826:Self diagnostic error:NVRAM on the controller board is defective and must be replaced.SC855:Wireless LAN card error Poor Connections between LAN card and the printer Defective controller board. Defective wireless LAN card.Disclaimer:Please note that this detail is just for information. Do not try to repair a machine if you arenot a qualified technician. Technicians should also not take this information as a substituteof technician manuals.CODESC410POSSIBLE CAUSEpaper seperation leak

SC411Separation bias leak errorSC420Cleaning motor lockSC422PCC LeakSC430Quenching lamp errorSC440Main motor lock/drumSC441Development motor lockSC450Paper transfer bias leakSC451Paper transfer belt motor lockSC452transfer belt mark detection errorSC455Paper transfer belt discharge corona current leakSC456Paper transfer unit position errorSC457Image transfer belt cleaning unti position errorSC460Thermistor 1 temperature errorSC461Thermnistor 2 errorSC471Transfer Belt HP sensor errorSC490Toner supply motor leakSC492Cooling an motor lockSC493Exhaust fan motor lockSC495Toner recycling unit errorSC496Toner collection bottle errorSC497Toner recycling motor errorSC-101Exposure lamp, lamp stabilizer board, dirty white plate, dirty optics, SBU board, CCDSC-103Power problemSC-104SC-105SC-120123SC-121Exposure lamp problem, main relay optics board, electrical noises or communicationerrorZero cross, main relay, optics board, FUSE 804 on DCPS or AC drive board on FTseriesScan home problem, sensor, scan motor, (EX-IPU board or fuse FU103 Aficio 400,401, 500)Scan home or fuse FU4Scan home or fuse FU106 Aficio 550/650SC-124Scan motor encoder or scan motorSC-125Scanning to slow speedSC-126Scanning too fast speedSC-127Scan motor or optics boardSC-128Scan start speed wrong; motor, board, drive sectionSC-129Scan speed problem; motor or PSUSC-130SC-140 /141SC-142 /143SC-144/145SBU errorLens vertical home sensorLens horizontal home sensor3rd scan home sensor problem

SC-190SC-192EX-IPU board Aficio 400, 401, 500Optics thermistor FT 7950, 7960, 7970 seriesSC-193APS sensor FT 7950, 7960, 7970 seriesSC-194SC-300303SC-302IPU white level detect (too low) same as 192SC-302Charge roller, HVT, or fuse FU5 (AFICIO 340, 350 series, 355, 450 series, and 455)SC-302-01,02, 03, 04Charge corona assembly Aficio 550/650 SC-303Charge corona wire cleaner,disconnected or time out for printerSC-304Charge roller problem, ID sensor problemSC-305SC-310314SC-320Time out error for memory or EX-IPU board or fuse FU103 on Aficio 400, 401, 500SC-321Laser write problem, BCU board, EX-IPU boardSC-322Laser 1 synch. ProblemSC-323Laser drive problemSC-324Laser drive excess current draw problemSC-326Laser 2 synchronization errorSC-327Laser 1 home position errorSC-328Laser 2 home position errorSC-329Laser beam pitch errorSC-330Laser diode no initial settingSC-331Laser diode home errorSC-332SC-335338SC-340Laser diode present position errorSC-341Developer motor lockupTD sensor adjust error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-342TD sensor adjust errorSC-345Toner collect motor lockupDeveloper bias loss Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-346Toner recycle motor disconnectedSC-350ID sensor errorSC-351Vsg problem, bad drum, ID sensorSC-352TD (toner density) sensor problem or bad toner mixSC-353Vsp problem; image density sensor, drum, HVT, developer bias, needs cleaningSC-354Vsp problem; image density sensor, drum, HVT, developer bias, needs cleaningSC-355Toner density sensor or under tonedSC-356Toner density sensor or over tonedSC-358Image density sensor, drum, toner sprayAutomatic SBU adjust error, SBU, BICU, exposure lamp regulator, exposure lamp,dirty white plateCharge coronaLaser (polygon) motor problemPotential sensorLaser motor problemLaser motor polygon problemTD sensor output error

SC-360SC-361Hard disk drive error 1SC-362Image compression errorHard disk drive error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700P SC363Data transmission errorSC-364Data transmission time out errorVd out of specs, drum, drum potential sensor, chargecorona FT 7950, 7960, 7970Hard disk drive error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-365Image storage errorVI out of specs, drum, drum potential sensor, charge corona,dirty optics FT 7950, 7960, 7970SC-366CRC error Aficio 550/650Vr out of specs, drum, drum ground FT 7950, 7960,7970Hard disk bad sector maximum Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-367Hard disk bad sector maximum Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-370-01thru 07Drum potential sensor error Aficio 550/650SC-370374SC-376,380, 382,384, 386,388SC-390Hard disk drive error 2Incomplete drum potential calibration, check imaging formationassembly FT 7950, 7960, 7970IMAC error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PData transmission problem Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PCRC error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-390-1Toner density sensor errorSC-390-2SC-391Toner density sensor errorSC-392Toner density sensorSC-395SC-400,401SC-401Developer bias problemSC-401-1Transfer roller/belt shortSC-401-2Transfer roller/belt open or fuses FU104, FU115, FU116 Aficio 550/650SC-402Transfer roller negative error problem or openSC-403Transfer belt position error, electromagnetic clutch release or fuse FU5SC-405Transfer belt position error, electromagnetic clutch release or fuse FU5SC-405Scanner problem; BCU, EX-IPU board or SCU on Aficio 400, 401, 500SC-411Separator biasSC-430Quenching lamp errorSC-440Main motor locked or drum motor lockedSC-441Developer motor lockedSC-490Exhaust fan problem or ozone fan problemSC-491Laser cooling fan lockedSC-492Cooling fan problemSC-493Bridge fan problemExhaust fan locked Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PDeveloper bias problem or FU103 on Aficio 550/650 Image storage address errorAficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PTransfer roller error Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PTransfer roller positive error problem

SC-494Fuser fan lockedSC-495Toner recycling unit problemSC-496Toner collector bottle problemSC-497Toner recycling motor problemSC-500Main motor lockedBypass motor locked FT 7950, 7960, 7970SC-501-1& 21stTray lift problemSC-502-1& 22ndtray lift motor problemSC-503-1& 23rdtray lift motor problemSC-504-1& 24thtray lift problemSC-505LCT traySC-506Optional tray motor lockedSC-507LCT motor lockedSC-508Tandem rear fence motorSC-509SC-510-1&2SC-511Tandem side fence motorSC-515Tandem rear fence motor Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-516Tandem side fence motor Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-520Duplex or fuser drive problem FT 7950, 7960, 7970SC-521SC-522 &523SC-524Duplex side fence drive problemSC-530Bypass motor locked or fuse FU106 on Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-531Fusing duplex motor lockedSC-541Fuser thermistor openSC-542Fuser temperature too low or fuse FU107 on Aficio 551, 551P, 700, 700PSC-543Fuser temperature to highSC-544Fuser temperature too lowSC-54