Department of the ArmyPamphlet 750–8Maintenance of Supplies and EquipmentThe ArmyMaintenanceManagementSystem(TAMMS)Users ManualHeadquartersDepartment of the ArmyWashington, DC22 August 2005UNCLASSIFIED

SUMMARY of CHANGEDA PAM 750–8The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Users ManualThis administrative revision, dated 14 September 2011oCorrects figure 2-5.This administrative revision, dated 22 August 2005-oRevises the definition of “HORIZONTAL DASH” (para 3-10e(3).oCorrects typographical and spelling errors and clarifies instructions.This major revision, dated 25 February 2005-oRevises chapter 1.oRevises DA Form 2401 (Organization Control Record for Equipment) and DA Form2402 (Exchange Tag) (chap 2); DD Form 314 (Preventive Maintenance Scheduleand Record) (chap 3); DA Form 2405 and DA Form 2408-5 (Equipment ModificationRecord) (chap 5); and DA Form 5587 (Report of Drydocking, Painting, andCondition of Vessel Bottom) (chap 6).oUpdates the majority of examples of completed forms used as figures (chaps 2,3, 4, 5 and 10).oAdds guidance to administratively deadline equipment when past-due servicesexceed the 10 percent variance (chap 3).oRevises low-usage criteria (chap 3).oSynchronizes the application of a 10 percent variance in performance ofscheduled services for both automated and manual procedures (chap 3).oModifies the disposition instruction for DA Form 5990-E (Maintenance Request)(chap 3).oProvides updated major subordinate command addresses for field warranty claimactions (chap 3).oRevises instructions for FAA Form 6030-1 (Facility Maintenance to comply withFederal Aviation Agency Order 6000.15C (para 3-20).oMoves Army Oil Analysis Program sampling intervals and instructions toTechnical Bulletin 43-0211 (chap 4).oUpdates instructions and figures for weapons record data in DA Form 2408-4(Weapon Record Data) (chap 5).

oRescinds U.S. Army Communications Security Equipment ModificationApplication Reporting System (RCSNSA 71028) to comply with National SecurityAgency guidance, U.S. Army Communications Security Logistics Activity, ATTN:USACSLA (B16), Fort Huachuca, AZ, and direction and policy outlined in AR 75010.oUpdates information and figures on ammunition records and procedures anddeletes requirements for the ammunition peculiar equipment report (chap 8).oUpdates procedures for reporting quality deficiency reports (chap 10).oSynchronizes this pamphlet with AR 750-1.oRescinds DA Form 2409 (Equipment Maintenance Log (Consolidated).

*Department of the ArmyPamphlet 750–8HeadquartersDepartment of the ArmyWashington, DC22 August 2005Maintenance of Supplies and EquipmentThe Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Users ManualIt applies to nontactical (commercial)wheeled vehicles and non-Army activitiesthat have or support Army equipment andwatercraft. It also applies to all air trafficcontrol equipment, including tactical andU.S. Army-maintenance air traffic controland navigational aid facilities designatedfor use in the National Airspace Systemby the Federal Aviation Administration.During mobilization, procedures in thispublication can be modified to supportpolicy changes as necessary.History. This publication is anadministrative revision.Summary. This pamphlet covers the automated process, preparation, and management of forms, records, and datarequired to manage maintenance, controluse, report deficiencies, document warranty actions, document equipment modifications; report equipment improvementrecommendations; and report quality deficiency reports.Applicability. This pamphlet applies tothe Active Army, the Army NationalGuard of the United States, the U.S.Army Reserve, and contractors supportingoperations in a contingency environment.ContentsProponent and exception authority.The proponent of this regulation is theDeputy Chief of Staff, G–4. The DeputyChief of Staff, G–4 has the authority toapprove exceptions or waivers to this regulation that are consistent with controllinglaw and regulations. The Deputy Chief ofStaff, G–4 may delegate this approval authority, in writing, to a division chiefwithin the proponent agency or a directreporting unit or field operating agency ofthe proponent agency in the grade of colonel or the civilian equivalent. Activitiesmay request a waiver to this regulation byproviding justification that includes a fullanalysis of the expected benefits and mustinclude formal review by the activity’ssenior legal officer. All waiver requestswill be endorsed by the commander orsenior leader of the requesting activityand forwarded through their higher headquarters to the policy proponent. Refer toAR 25–30 for specific guidance.Suggested improvements. Users areinvited to send in comments and suggested improvements to this regulation.Internet users can submit their commentsand suggested improvements using theelectronic version of DA Form 2028(Recommended Changes to Publicationsand Blank Forms) found within the individual Deputy Chief of Staff, G–4 regulation and pamphlet. Anyone withoutInternet access should submit their comments and suggested improvements on aDA Form 2028 directly to Deputy Chiefof Staff, G–4, ATTN: DALO-SMM, 500Army Pentagon, Washington, DC20310–0500.Distribution. This publication is available in electronic media only and is intended for command levels A, B, C, D,and E, for the Active Army, the ArmyNational Guard of the United States, andthe U.S. Army Reserve.(Listed by paragraph and page number)Chapter 1Introduction, page 1Purpose 1–1, page 1References 1–2, page 1Explanation of abbreviations and terms 1–3, page 1Exceptions 1–4, page 1Army-wide use of TAMMS 1–5, page 1TAMMS history, current organization, and future 1–6, page 1TAMMS policy foundation and applicability 1–7, page 2TAMMS processes, forms, records, and reports 1–8, page 2*This pamphlet supersedes DA Pam 750–8, dated 25 February 2005.DA PAM 750–8 22 August 2005UNCLASSIFIEDi

Contents—ContinuedGeneral instructions for units/activities with maintenance STAMIS and units/activities following manual proceduresonly 1–9, page 3Chapter 2Operational Processes, Forms, Records and Dispatch Procedures, page 4General procedures 2–1, page 4Equipment dispatching: automated procedures 2–2, page 5Equipment dispatching: manual procedures 2–3, page 6Maintenance operation processes 2–4, page 6Equipment data updates 2–5, page 7Equipment data reports 2–6, page 7Operator records/equipment class codes 2–7, page 8Equipment record folder 2–8, page 8DA Form 5823 2–9, page 8DA Form 5987–E/DA Form 5987–1–E 2–10, page 8DD Form 1970 2–11, page 9DA Form 5982–E/DA Form 2401 2–12, page 10Chapter 3Maintenance Processes, Forms and Records, page 34General 3–1, page 34Maintenance reporting and AMSS 3–2, page 35Maintenance control file (non-ULLS/manual input) 3–3, page 35Organization work order number 3–4, page 35DA Form 5409 and DA Form 5410 3–5, page 36ULLS to SAMS interfaces (unit using procedures) 3–6, page 37Equipment data reports 3–7, page 37DA Form 2402 (Maintenance Tag) 3–8, page 38DD Form 314 3–9, page 38DA Form 5988–E and DA Form 2404 (Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet) 3–10, page 42DA Form 5989–E/AHN007/DA Form 2405 (Maintenance Request Register) 3–11, page 44DA Form 3999–4 (Maintenance Work Request Envelope) 3–12, page 45DA Form 5990–E (Maintenance Request) 3–13, page 45DA Forms 2407/2407–1 3–14, page 46DA Forms 2407/2407–1 used to request or report an MWO 3–15, page 47Warranty claim action 3–16, page 48DA Forms 2407 and 2407–1 (serial number tracking implementation within SAMS) 3–17, page 50Reporting requirements 3–18, page 51DA Form 2408-14 3–19, page 51FAA Form 6030–1 3–20, page 52Manager reports 3–21, page 53Selected SAMS output reports 3–22, page 53Chapter 4AOAP Nonaeronautical Equipment, Processes, Forms, Records, and Procedures, page 124AOAP objectives 4–1, page 124Description 4–2, page 124AOAP participation 4–3, page 125What to sample 4–4, page 125When to sample 4–5, page 125Maintenance feedback data 4–6, page 125Chapter 5Historical Processes, Forms, Records and Procedures Report Control Symbol (RCS) 1051, page 130General information 5–1, page 130iiDA PAM 750–8 22 August 2005

Contents—ContinuedMissing historical information or records 5–2, page 130DA Form 2408–4 5–3, page 130DA Form 2408–4 used for recording armament system and subsystems 5–4, page 131DA Form 2408–5 (Equipment Modification Record) 5–5, page 132Usage reporting through ULLS-G 5–6, page 133DA Form 2408–9 5–7, page 133DA Form 2408–20 (Oil Analysis Log) 5–8, page 140DD Form 1650 (Ammunition Data Card) 5–9, page 140Equipment logbook binder (historical records) 5–10, page 140Records that go with equipment 5–11, page 141Chapter 6Watercraft and Amphibious Lighters Records and Procedures, page 165General 6–1, page 165Reporting of accidents/incidents 6–2, page 166Component record 6–3, page 166Request for disposition and/or waiver 6–4, page 167Chapter 7Rail Equipment Records and Procedures, page 171General rail equipment forms 7–1, page 171Preparation of forms 7–2, page 172DD Form 862 (Daily Inspection Worksheet for Diesel Electronic Locomotives and Locomotive Cranes) 7–3,page 172DD Form 1335 7–4, page 172Form FRA F6180–49A 7–5, page 172Chapter 8Ammunition Records and Reporting Procedures, page 179Records and reports 8–1, page 179Special instructions 8–2, page 179General instructions 8–3, page 180DA Form 2415 (Ammunition Condition Report) (RCS CSGLD–1202) 8–4, page 180ACR submission flow and preparation 8–5, page 181Chapter 9Supply and Maintenance Assessment and Review Team (SMART), page 184General 9–1, page 184Procedures 9–2, page 184Chapter 10Submitting Equipment Improvement Reports and Product Quality Deficiency Reports and ReportingInitial Failure of Stock-Funded, Depot-Level Reparables, page 184Reporting 10–1, page 184Use and preparation of an SF 368 10–2, page 185Exhibits 10–3, page 187Addresses for the SF 368 10–4, page 187Reporting initial failure of SFDLR 10–5, page 187AppendixesA.References, page 201B.Codes and Conversion Tables, page 208C.Warranty Control offices and Logistics Assistance Offices, page 239D.Julian/Ordinal Date Calendar, page 245DA PAM 750–8 22 August 2005iii

Contents—ContinuedE.Department of the Army List of Items on Which Historical Records are to be Maintained, page 247Table ableTableTableTableTableTableTableTable3–1: DD Form 314 requirements, page 403–2: Warranty claim addresses, page 493–3.: List of SNT reportable items, page 505–1: Data input format (acceptance and registration) code “G”, page 1345–2: Data input format (acceptance and registration) trailer (card code “H”), page 1355–3: Data input format (usage or overhaul) code “J”, page 1365–4: Data input format (transfer, gain, or loss) code “K”, page 1375–5: Data input format (repair action) code “M”, page 13810–1: Army screening points, page 186B–1: Failure codes, alphabetical, page 208B–2: Failure codes, numerical, page 212B–3: Failure detected during codes, page 217B–4: First indication of trouble codes, page 217B–5: Action codes, page 217B–6: Utilization codes, page 218B–7: Time conversion codes, page 219B–8: Equipment repair action code, page 220B–9: Miscellaneous codes, page 220B–10: NRTS (not reparable this station) codes, page 220B–11: Vehicle use codes, page 221B–12: Equipment acceptance codes, page 221B–13: Equipment usage codes, page 221B–14: Equipment transfer codes, page 221B–15: Equipment loss codes, page 221B–16: Equipment gain codes, page 222B–17: Equipment overhaul code, page 222B–18: Equipment category codes (ECC), page 222B–19: The metric system and equivalents, page 234B–20: Type maintenance request codes (Type MNT Req CD), page 234B–21: Work request status code, page 235B–22: Work request NMC indicator codes, page 237B–23: NMC time for AMSS reporting, page 237B–24: Level of work codes, page 238B–25: Operational readiness float (ORF) transaction codes, page 238C–1: Warranty control offices, page 239C–2.: Supporting logistics assistance offices, page 240D–1: Julian/ordinal date calendar (perpetual), page 246Figure reFigureFigureFigureFigureiv2–1: Sample DA Form 348 (front), page 112–1: Sample DA Form 348, page 142–2: Sample ULLS-generated AWCMF417 (Equipment Availability Report), page 152–3: Sample ULLS-generated AWCMF458 (Non-Mission Capapable Report), page 162–4: Sample ULLS-generated DA Form 5985–E (Class Codes), page 172–5: Sample ULLS-generated DA Form 5984–E, page 182–6: Sample DA Form 5823, page 192–7: Sample ULLS-generated DA Form 5987–E, page 212–8: Sample ULLS-generated DA Form 5987–E–1, page 232–9: Sample DD Form 1970 for dispatch, page 262–10: Sample DD Form 1970 for extended dispatch, page 292–11: Sample DD Form 1970 for operating time, page 31DA PAM 750–8 22 August 2005

2–12: Sample ULLS-generated DA Form 5982–E, page 322–13: Sample DA Form 2401, page 343–1: Sample DA Form 5409, page 553–2: Sample DA Form 5409 (change), page 563–3: Sample DA Form 5409 (deletion/closeout), page 563–4: Sample DA Form 5410, page 583–5: Sample DA Form 5410 (receipts and correction), page 593–6: Sample DA Form 5410 (delete), page 603–7: Sample SAMS–1 Work Order Detail Report, page 613–8: Sample ULLS-Generated Parts Received Not Installed Report, page 623–9: Sample ULLS-Generated Service Schedule, page 633–10: Sample DA Form 2402, page 643–11: Sample Sy