WebEx Meeting CenterUser GuideFor Hosts, Presenters, andParticipantsWBS29.11

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Table of ContentsHost a Meeting . 1Quick reference tasks: host a meeting . 1Grant or remove privileges . 3Meeting transcripts . 4Send a meeting transcript to participants. 5Panels . 5Manage panels . 6Overview of Meeting Controls Panel. 6Resizing the content viewer and panels area . 7Access the meeting window using the keyboard . 7Work with the participant list . 8Copy text from the Chat panel . 9Enter text in an input box . 9Access the Meeting Controls Panel during sharing . 9Screen reader support . 10Join a Meeting. 11Join from the Meeting Center calendar . 11i

Join a meeting from the host's personal page . 12Register for a meeting from the meeting calendar . 12Register for a meeting from the host's personal page . 13Meeting information. 13Obtain meeting information from the meeting calendar . 14Obtain meeting information from the host's personal page . 14Add a meeting to your calendar program . 14Have trouble joining your first WebEx meeting?. 15ActiveX download . 15Attempt to join using Java . 16Install an add-on for a Mac . 16Use the Calendar . 17About the meeting calendar . 17Open a calendar view of all scheduled meetings . 17Register for a meeting from the meeting calendar . 18About the Today view. 18About the Daily view. 19About the Weekly view . 19About the Monthly view . 20About the Search Results page. 20Schedule a Meeting . 23Schedule a meeting with the Quick Scheduler . 24ii

Schedule a meeting with the Advanced Scheduler . 24Add a scheduled meeting to your calendar program . 25Start a meeting from your iPhone. 26Allow another user to schedule meetings for you . 26About the Quick Scheduler . 27About the Required Information page . 29About the Date & Time page . 31About the Audio Conference page . 32Questions about setting up an audio conference . 35About the Invite Attendees page . 37About the Select Attendees page . 38About the Registration page . 39Accept or reject registration requests . 40About the Agenda & Welcome page . 41About the Add/Select Presentation page . 43About the Meeting Options page . 43About the Attendee Privileges page . 45About the Review page . 46Choose a level of security for a scheduled meeting . 47Meeting templates . 48Use an existing template for scheduling . 48Use an existing meeting template to create a new template. 49iii

About the Meeting Scheduled page (for meeting hosts) . 50About the Meeting Information page (for meeting hosts) . 50About the Meeting Information page (for attendees) . 50Schedule a Personal Conference or MeetingPlace Personal Conference meeting53Set up a Personal Conference or MeetingPlace Personal Conference meeting . 53Start a Personal Conference or MeetingPlace Personal Conference meeting . 54Add a Personal Conference or MeetingPlace Personal Conference meeting to yourcalendar program . 55About the Personal Conference Meeting Information page (host). 55About the Personal Conference Meeting Information page (for attendees) . 56Use WebEx Audio . 57Use your telephone to connect to audio . 57Use your computer to connect to audio. 58Fine tune your microphone and speaker settings . 59Leave an audio conference . 59Switch from your computer connection to a phone connection . 60Switch from your phone connection to a computer connection . 60Connect to audio during sharing . 60Mute and unmute microphones . 61Ask to speak in an audio conference . 61Schedule an audio conference with ANI/CLI authentication. 62Specify call-in authentication for your host account . 63iv

Specify an authentication PIN . 64Edit or update your stored phone numbers . 64Use Integrated Voice Conferences . 67Start or end an integrated voice conference . 67Join or leave an integrated voice conference . 68Speak in a voice conference . 68Send and Receive Video . 69Minimum system requirements for video conferencing . 70Quick reference tasks: video conferencing . 70Lock focus on one participant. 71Manage video display during sharing . 72Obtain video and audio data during a meeting . 72Meet Instantly with "Meet Now" . 75Create default settings for One-Click instant meetings . 75Start an instant meeting from your WebEx site . 76Install WebEx Productivity Tools . 76Start an instant meeting from the WebEx Productivity Tools panel on Windows . 77Start an instant meeting using shortcuts . 77Uninstall WebEx Productivity Tools. 78v

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms . 79Manage Meeting Recordings . 81View a list of your recorded meetings . 81About the My Recorded Meetings page. 81Upload a recorded meeting file . 82Edit information about a recorded meeting . 83Send an email to share a recorded meeting . 83Share Content . 85Quick reference tasks: share content . 86Share a file . 88Choose an import mode for presentation sharing . 88Navigate slides, pages, or whiteboards using the toolbar . 89Advance pages or slides automatically . 90Show slide animations and transitions in a shared presentation . 90Add new pages to shared files or whiteboards . 91Paste images in slides, pages, or whiteboards . 91Save a presentation, document, or whiteboard . 92Open a saved document, presentation, or