Ukulele ClubOfVirginiaSongbook(April 2010)

Blah, blah, blahThe Ukulele Club of Virginia is affiliated with the Metropolitan Ukulele Association,which brings together ukulele players across the whole of the Washington, D.C.metropolitan region, including the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and Maryland.We meet every couple of weeks or so to play songs, chat, swap tips and techniquesand have a good laugh. We welcome players of all levels of ability, including completebeginners, on a relaxed basis (no regular attendance required) so turn up when you can.At each gathering, we provide the songs, although you are welcome to bring songs alongfor everyone to play. We play the widest possible range of styles of music that works forthe ukulele and which is likely to encourage a good sing-a-long. Typical song choicesmight range from tin pan alley numbers from the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s to jazz standardsto folk, rock and pop songs, and even comic or novelty songs.OK now for the big disclaimer: we give this songbook free to uke players everywhere forsocial and educational use . . . for fun and sharing. If you bought it, you were ripped off.The songs and the arrangements in this songbook are almost wholly ‘borrowed’ and thenadapted from a huge list of extremely useful internet sites, watching online videos, andfrom songbooks, in particular . As such, while we may have changed (cut, changed andadded details) and standardized the formatting to a style we find works for us (includingchords over the line and extensive numerical GCEA fingering guides and very little artworkto ensure minimum file size), we do not claim any authorship, rights, or credit whatsoeverfor any of the contents. The versions and format here work for us they might not work foryou (although if you see serious errors or omissions, do let us know!) If you don’t like theversion we have, don’t shout. Take it and adapt it any way you like until it works for you.The arrangements here come from a wide variety of sources, most having been adaptedfrom the original music to suit the ukulele by some kind soul out there in internet land.We wish to thank all those people who give their time and musical expertise to work out,create, and make available thousands of song sheets for amateur musicians to enjoy.Thanks, in particular, to Arch Larizza, Ray Shakeshaft & John Colter, Dave Means,Chordie, Doctor Uke, Tim Lewis/TUSC, Ultimate Guitar, Scorpex, Alligator Boogaloo,Beatlesite, the late Andrew Rogers, Jumbo Jimbo, Kraziekat, Todd Baio, Guitarguy,Lennonchords, Aldrine Guerrero, the wonderful SOUP/London, Ukulele Club of SantaCruz, Gunther Anderson, Woodshed, Seattle Ukulele Players Association, Ukulele Societyof America, AJ Leonard, Ukulele Mike, and many more talented and generous musicians.If you can see an arrangement here that you worked out and you would like to be creditedin the book, let us know at [email protected] If you have a song you believe we wouldlike to play and could include in a future songbook, please send it to us.

2. Credits3. Contents4. Contents (page 2)5. Contents (page 3)6. After you’ve gone7. Ain’t misbehavin’8. Ain’t no pleasin’ you9. Ain’t she sweet10. All I do is dream of you11. All my loving12. All of me13. All the things you are14. Alone again (naturally)15. Alone again (page 2)16. Always17. Autumn leaves18. Baby, I love your way19. Baby, one more time20. Be my baby21. Besame Mucho22. Best thing that ever happened to me23. Beyond the sea24. Blue moon25. Blue skies26. Blueberry hill27. Break away (Beachboys)28. Breakaway (Gallagher & Lyle)29. Breakfast in America30. Breaking up is hard to do31. Bring me sunshine32. Brown-eyed girl33. By the light of the silvery moon34. California dreamin’35. Call me irresponsible36. Can’t smile without you37. Can’t take my eyes off you38. Casual conversations39. Caveman’s dream40. Chanson d’amour41. Chattanooga choo choo42. Cheek to cheek43. City of New Orleans44. Crocodile rock45. Daydream believer46. Different for girls47. Different for girls (page 2)48. Dinah49. Disney girls50. Do you know the way to San Jose51. Do you know the way to San Jose (page 2)52. Don’t fence me in53. Don’t worry, baby54. Downstream55. Dream a little dream of me56. Eight days a week57. Famous pig song58. Feelings59. Five foot two60. Fly me to the moon61. Folsom Prison Blues62. Fool if you think it’s over63. Four string shuffle64. Friends in low places65. From me to you66. Georgia67. Girl68. Give a little whistle69. God only knows70. Good luck charm71. Harvest moon72. Have I told you lately?73. Hear my song74. Helplessly hoping75. Here comes the sun76. How can you mend a broken heart77. How deep is your love78. How deep is your love (page 2)79. How high the moon80. I can see clearly now81. I can’t give you anything but love82. I don’t want to set the world on fire83. I haven’t told her84. I only want to be with you85. I saw her standing there86. I saw the light87. I say a little prayer88. I should have known better89. I wanna be like you90. I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate91. If I ain’t got you92. If I had you93. I’ll be your baby tonight94. I’ll follow the sun95. I’ll see you in my dreams96. I’m gonna sit right down (write myself a letter)97. I’m in the mood for love98. In my life99. In the ghetto100.Indian love call101.It had to be you

It must be loveIt’s my partyIt’s only a paper moon (G)It’s only a paper moon (F)I’ve got you under my skinJohnny B GoodeJust like starting overJust like starting over (page 2)La MerLady come downLast train to ClarksvilleLearn to croonLet it be meLet’s fall in loveLet’s stay togetherLet’s twist againLove comes to everyoneLove is the sweetest thingLove will keep us togetherLoving you has made me bananasLyin eyesMack the KnifeMack the Knife (page 2)Maybe I’m amazedMichelleMichelle (page 2)Milenburg JoysMistakesMister SandmanMister Sandman (page 2)MistyMoon riverMoondanceMoonglowMy funny valentineMy resistance is lowNagasakiNeverthelessNowhere Man (D)Nowhere Man (F)Oh BabeOh GirlOn the bright side of the roadOn the road againOn the street where you liveOn the sunny side of the streetOoh la laOpheliaOver the rainbow/Wonderful worldOver the rainbow/W. World (page 1.Pennies from heaven (A)Pennies for heaven (C)Pick yourself upPlease don’t talk about mePlease Mister PostmanQue reste-t-ilRaindrops keep falling on my headRed Cadillac and black moustacheRemember thenRock’n’roll musicRubber DuckieRubyScotch & SodaShaving creamShe loves youShe’s not thereShine on Harvest MoonShiver me timbersSingSingin’ in the rainSingin’ the blues (Mitchell)Singin’ the blues (Toussaint)Sixteen tonsSloop John BSmileSong sung blueSportin’ life bluesStrange BrewStuck on youSunny afternoonSunnySunny (page 2)SuspicionSweet Georgia Brown (D)Sweet Georgia Brown (G)Tea for twoThe Devil and the deep blue seaThe end of the worldThe fool on the hillThe good lifeThe summer windThe trail of the lonesome pineThe Umbrella ManThe way you look tonightThese foolish thingsThis guy’s in love with youTill there was youTwist and shoutTwist and shout (page 2)Two sleepy people (G) sleepy people (C)Under the moon of loveUp a lazy riverWalk away RenéeWell all rightWhen I’m cleaning windowsWhen you wish upon a starWhere or whenWhyWichita LinemanWoodstockWouldn’t it be niceYester-me, yester-youYou are my sunshine (C)You are my sunshine (G)You don’t know meYou’ve got a friend in meYour baby has gone down the plugholeChord chart (closed chords)Closed chords (page 2)Closed chords (page 3)Chord chart for C tuningChord chart for C tuning (page 2)GCEA Fretboard Map

After you've gone(Henry Creamer & Turner Layton, 1918)Gmaj7(0222)After you've goneDAfter you've goneE9(1222)You'll feel blue,D. . . you'll missC9(0201). . . and left me cryin'B7(2322). . . there's no denyin'C#m7-5(3323) F#7(3424)you'll feel sadBm7(2222)DD7the dearest pal that you’ve ev - er hadGmaj7C9There'll come a time . . . now don't forget itDBm7B7. . . there'll come a time . . . when you’ll regret itEm(0432) F#dim(2323) Em7(0202)C9Somedaywhen you grow lonelyDF#7(3424)Bm7Ddim(1212)Your heart will break like mine and you’ll want me onlyDBm7Em7AD(Turn: D7)After you've gone . . . . . after you've gone a-wayGmaj7(0222)C9(0201)After I’m gone . . . after we break upDB7(2322)After I’m gone . . . you’re gonna wake upE9(1222)C#m7-5(3323) F#7(3424)You will find you were blindDBm7(2222)DD7. . . to let somebody come along and cha-nge your mindGmaj7C9After the years . . . we've been togetherDBm7B7Through joy and tears . . . all kinds of weatherEm(0432) F#dim(2323) Em7(0202)C9Somedayblue and down-heartedDF#7(3424)Bm7Ddim(1212). . . you'll long to be with me again back where you startedDBm7Em7ADGdim(0101) DAfter I’m gone . . . . . after I’m gone a-way

Ain't Misbehavin’(Thomas "Fats" Waller, Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf, 1929)CAm7Dm7No one to talk with, all byCE7No one to walk with but I’mCEb7(3334)Dm7Ain’t misbehavin, I’m savinG7myselfFFm(1013)happy on the shelfG7CA7 D7 G7my love for youCG7I know for certain, the one I loveCE7FFmI’m thru with flirtin, its just you that I’m thinkin ofCEb7(3334)Dm7G7C A7 D7 G7Ain’t misbehavin, I’m savin my love for youAmF7Like Jack Horner, in the cornerD7A7Don’t go nowhere, what do I care?GBm7Am D7G7Your kisses are worth waitin forA7D7G7. . . be-lieve meCG7I don’t stay out late, don’t care to go.CE7FFmI’m home about eight, just me and my ra-di-oCEb7(3334)Dm7G7C A7 D7 G7Ain’t misbehavin, I’m savin my love for youAmF7Like Jack Horner, in the cornerD7A7don’t go nowhere, what do I care?GBm7Am D7G7Your kisses are worth waitin forA7D7G7. . . believe meCG7I don’t stay out late, don’t care to go.CE7FFmI’m home about eight, just me and my ra-di-oCEb7(3334)Dm7G7CCdim Dm7 G7 CAin’t misbehavin, I’m savin my love for you(Cdim 2323)

Ain’t no pleasing you(Chas. Hodges & Dave Peacock, 1982)Eb(0331)D7EbGm(0231)C7F7(2313)Bb7EbBb7Bb7 5Eb(0331)D7Well I built my life around you, did what I thought was rightEbGm(0231)C7But you never cared about me, now I’ve seen the lightF7(2313) Bb7(1211)Eb(0331) Bb7(1211) Bb7 5(1221)Oh darling, there ain’t no pleasin’ you* (repeat from here)Eb(0331)D7You seemed to think that everything I ever did was wrongEbGm(0231)C7. . I should have known it, all alongF7(2313) Bb7(1211)Eb(0331) Ab7(1323) EbOh darlin’, there ain’t no pleasin’ youEb(0331)Eb7(3334)Ab(5343)You only ‘ad to say the word and you knew I’d do itEb7(3334)Ab(5343)You ‘ad me where you wanted me but you went and blew itDb(6544)Ab(5343)Db(6544)F7(2313)Now every-thing I ever done, was only done for youBbF7BbBut now you can go and do, just what you wanna doBb7(1211) Bb7 5(1221)I’m tellin’youEb(0331)Coz I ain’tEbYou done itF7(2313)Oh darlin’,D7gonna be made to look a fool no moreGm(0231)C7once too often, what do ya take me for?Bb7(1211)EbBb7(1211) Bb7 5(1221)there ain’t no pleasin’ youRepeat from * then . . .Eb(0331)D7Now if you think I don’t mean what I say, and I’m only bluffin’EbGm(0231)C7You got another thing comin’, I’m tellin’-you-that for nothin’F7(2313)Bb7(1211)Eb Gm C7Coz darlin’ I’m leavin’. . . that’s what I’m gonna do-oo-ooF7Bb7Coz darlin’. . I’m leavin’Eb(0331) Ab7(1323) EbThat’s what I’m gonna . . . do

Ain’t She Sweet(Milton Ager & Jack Yagen, 1927)CGdim(0101) Dm7 G7COh, ain't shesweet,See her walkingCE7A7 (A7 5 0110) D7G7Well I ask you very confidentially: ain't sheGdimDm7 G7down that street.Csweet?CGdim Dm7 G7CGdimDm7 G7Oh ain't she nice,well look her over once or twice.CE7A7 (A7 5)D7G7 CC7Yes I ask you very confidentially:ain't she nice?FFm(1013)CCmaj7 C7Just cast an eyein her direction.FFm D7Dm7 G7Oh me, oh my,ain't that perfection?COh IGdimDm7 G7CGdimDm7 G7re-----peatWell don't you think that's kind of neat?CE7A7 (A7 5)D7G7 CYes I ask you very confidentially:ain't she sweet?CCdim G7 (G7sus2 0210)CCdimG7 (G7sus2)Oh ain't she nice,Look her over once or twice.CE7A7 (A9 0102)D7G7 CCmaj7 C7Yes I ask you very confidentially: ain't she nice?F9(2333)CCmaj7 C7Just cast an eye in her direction.F9 D7Dm7 G7Oh me, oh my, ain't that perfection?CC#dim(3434) Dm7 G7CC#dimDm7 G7Oh, ain't shesweet; see her walking down that street.CE7A7 (A9)Well I ask you very confidentially:D7G7 Cain't she sweet?D7G7 C(A7)ain't she sweet?Ab7(1323)G7C

All I do is dream of you(Arthur Freed & Nacio Herb Brown 1934)ABbdim(0101)Bm7(2222)E7All I do is dream of you the whole night throughBm7E7AF#m(2120) A F#mWith the dawn I still go on and dream of youA7A9(0102)A7A9You’re every thought, you’re every-thingDBm7-5(2212)You’re every song I ever singB7E7Bm7E7Summer, Winter . . . Autumn and SpringABbdimBm7E7And were there more than twenty-four hours a dayBm7E7AThey’d be spent in sweet content, dreaming awayA7A9A7A9When skies are grey, when skies are blueBm7Bm7-5Morning, noon and night-time, tooAF#7(3424)B7E7 AAll I do the whole day through, is dream of you(Faster)AF#m(2120) AF#m(2120) Bm7E7Bm7All I do isdream of you the whole night throughBm7E7AF#m(2120) AF#mWith the dawn I still go on and dream of youA7A9A7A9You’re every thought, you’re everythingDBm7-5(2212)You’re every song I ever singB7E7Bm7E7Summer, Winter . . . Autumn and SpringAF#m(2120) AF#m(2120) Bm7E7Bm7And were there more than twenty-fourhours-a-dayBm7E7AF#mAF#mThey’d be spent in sweet content, dream-ing a-wayA7A9A7A9When skies are grey, when skies are blueBm7DBm7-5DmMorning, noon and night-time, tooAF#7(3424)B7E7 AAll I do the whole day through, is dream of youAF#7(3424)All I do the whole . . . day . . . throughB7E7Aor E6(4444)is . . . dream . . . of .